The Letter textbook answers and solutions class-x(10)cbse-English



a) Who was Ali? Where did he go daily?

popularly known as Coachman Ali was a skillful hunter in his youth .With
devoted serenity born of hope and faith, he used to visit post office daily.
Five years ago his only daughter Miriam got married then he understood the
importance of relation between a daughter and father. Owing to the absence of
affection from the part of his daughter he felt strong feeling for his daughter
and that is why he used to visit office regularly without any fail in the hope
of getting a letter.

2) “Ali displays qualities of love I
patience” – Give evidence from the story in support of their statement.

solitary Ali it was impossible to follow a strenuous routine but the strength
of patience and hope borne of his daughter helped him to do so. His daily attendance
to the post office and taking a seat at the corner of the post office with a
innumerable patience avoiding the sarcasms of the post office officials and
other peons reflects his patience for the apparently trifling letter. His daily
return in empty hand bearing the harsh and extreme weather and his collapsing
figure shows his love for his daughter.
3) How do you know Ali was a familiar
figure at the post office?

spite of the superannuated physic of Ali took the hardship of appearing himself
in the post office without a fail in the last 5 years. He used to occupy a
particular seat at the veranda .He used to be fooled by the clerks and the
postmen and used to be maltreated by them regularly. This had been a regular
scenario for the last 5 years. Automatically Ali had been the most common and
most anticipated figure in the post office.

Why did Ali give up hunting?

pole asunder change had ushered in the life of coachman Ali at the very
juncture moment i.e. after the marriage of his daughter. A sudden emotional
feeling of care stirred the life of coachman Ali. Pricking of affection caused
him leave hunting and to hover around the post office in the hope of receiving
a news of his daughter. Hunting had turned into a distant memory.

5) What impression do you form of the post
master after reading the story the letter?

character of the postmaster is a transmission of experience into innocence. The
haughty, cold, indifferent post master ultimately changed into a touchy, Mild,
kind, sympathetic father. His evaluation about coachman Ali to be pest and
proclaiming him to be a mad ultimately changed with the realization of the
fatherly pain under a pitiable circumstance. At the end of the story we find the
postmaster reproaching himself for failing to understand the ache of the
fatherly heart of coachman Ali.
6) The postmaster says to Ali, “What a pest
you care, brother!” Do you agree with the Statement? Give reason for your

Ali’s prospective he had never been a post but his regular presence to the post
office and asking for his letter everyday which never comes made the postmaster
annoyed. Out of uncontrolled rage the post master commented such. Nobody could
apprehend Ali’s pierced heart. It was not known to them that Ali had been the
poor person lacking the affection of his daughter.

7) Why were Ali’s eyes filled with tears
of helpless? What had exhausted his patience but not his faith?

the absence of several days Ali had turned up to post office with a special
cause. He wanted to make sure his letters presence to him either dead or alive.
When he asked for his daughter’s letter to the postmaster, the Postmaster being
annoyed behaved rudely with Ali. This maltreatment had hurt Ali painfully and
he could not hold his anger.

decreasing physical energy, decaying physique, continuous hopelessness and maltreatment
exhausted his patience but could not curb his faith i.e. receiving his daughter’s
letter .


8) Who is tortured by doubt of remorse?
Why? What is he waiting for?

purified postmaster is tortured by doubt of remorse. He is utterly in the
morose state.

     The daughter of the postmaster was
critically ill in the next town and on receiving no answer from his daughter
his fatherly heart had the same feeling of coachman Ali i.e. the feeling of remorse.
In the early dawn the postmaster experienced an uncanny incident, but on
knowing the news of Ali’s death he was in complete dilemma about the credibility
of the incident. So he was in doubt.

is waiting for his daughter’s letter. His daughter  is ill in the next town.