About the Author

Name-Sudha  Murthy.
Full name – Sudha Kulkarni
Born – August 19, 1950
(ages 60), Shiggaon, Karnataka.
She is a social worker
and writer.
Known for Philanthropic
work through Infosys Foundation.
She is a teacher in
Computer Science.
She is a fiction writer.
Famous works- “wise and
otherwise”, “Dollar Bahu”, Maheswetai” etc.
Awards- “Raja- Lakshmi
Award” (2004),” Padmasri”(2006).
Full Name – Anusuya  Shankar (1928 – 1963).
 Triveni was her pen name.
 A modern reputed Kannada Fiction writer.
Kashi Yatre – Kashi Yatre
is a famous fiction by Triveni. It deals with the Psychological conflict of an
old lady.

Importance of Being Literate
 This story though reveals a strong realistic
picture, is undoubtedly carrying a moral for us. Through the character of the grandmother
the importance of learning is highlighted. This shows the degradation occurred
in our society, especially in case of women. This story is a vehement supporter
of women education.
An Example of Women’s Life
 It shows how less important of a woman’s life
in our form of society is. They even do not dream of stamping a nail of their
recognition in this world. As if they are born to be married, to have children,
to take care of them and die. This significantly points at the failures of the
policy makers of the nation.
Strong Psychological Emotion
  We get in
the two places of the story, the embodiment of psychological emotion disclosed
by the narrator. In the story “kashi Yatre” the old lady under psychological
emotion gives away her everything to the poor girl for her love and peace.
Similarly we get an instance of psychological emotion in the narrator’s grandmother,
when she finds herself unable to read her favourite serial.

Respect to the Guru
 The real philosophical view of teacher student
is exposed here. When the old grandmother learnt everything by the deadline,
she touched the feet of the 12 year old teacher, the guru. It strongly
indicates the position of guru irrespective of age and experience.
Love and Human Relationship
            Sudha Murthy’s short stories bear the theme of love and
human relationship. In “How I ………..Read” also love and human relationship is
the recurring idea. In the story “How I ……Read “, the grandmother and the granddaughter
bear the theme of love and human relationship.
The fiction hints at some
didactic sides of human life and society. We should understand the importance
of learning and learning is the only way to freedom. The true development of a
country is impossible unless we create an atmosphere of education for the women.
A country requires education not arms and ammunition.
Known a Varanasi,
presently in Uttar Pradesh. Present population 1,211,891 (2001).
Ultimate Punya or
salvation means to become free from the worldly life and the cycles of birth
and death. Human beings have two components. One spiritual, the soul (atma) and
the other material, the body. Although the soul is immortal, one is bound to
the body and hence subject to the cycles of birth and death .

Assignment :- (Explain Critically)
“She bent down and touches
my feet. I was surprised and taken aback.”
“When I came back to my
village, I saw my grandmother in tears.”
“I felt so very
independent and helpless”.
“In the end the old lady
gives away all her savings without going to kashi”.
“For a good cause if you
are determined you can overcome any obstacle.”
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