William Elliot Griffis

17, 1843

DIED-   February 5,

The Mikado’s Empire.
Corea: the Hermit Nation
                                               1) Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck
, 1926.
                          2) Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette,
Q.1      Why did the neighbours
kill the dog?
Ans.     Under the influence of envy and greed, the immoral old couple
wanted to take the advantage of the lucky dog when they heard the fortune
brought by the dog. They allured the dog into the field. They found a dead kitten
where the dog scratched and pawed. Out of fury, the wicked old couple killed
the dog and put into the hole.
Q.2.     Mark the item .

(i) The old farmer and
his wife loved the dog.

(a) because it helped them in their day-to-day work.
(b) as if it was their own baby.
(c) as they were kind to all living beings.

(ii) When the old couple became rich, they

(a) gave the dog better food.
(b) invited their greedy neighbours to a feast.
(c) lived comfortable and were generous towards their poor neighbours.

(iii) The greedy couple borrowed the mill and the mortar to make

(a) rich pastry and bean sauce.
(b) magic ash to win rewards.
(c) a pile of gold.

Answer:  (i) The old
farmer and his wife loved the dog.-(b) as if it
was their own baby.

(ii) When the old couple became rich, they-(c) lived
comfortable and were generous towards their poor neighbours.

(iii) The greedy couple borrowed the mill and the mortar to make-(c) a pile of gold
Q.1.     The old farmer
is a kind person. What evidence of his kindness do you find in the first two paragraphs?

Ans.     Indeed, the old farmer was a kind person. He loved his dog as if
it was his own baby. He fed it with tid bits of fish and boiled rice with his
own chopsticks and all they could. The old man made cushion with blue crape for
its comfort. He was kind to everything had life. He often dug up a sod on
purpose to give food to the birds.
Q.2.     What did the dog do to
lead the farmer to the hidden gold?
Ans.     One day when the farmer was working in the field, the dog came
to the old farmer, putting its paws against his legs and motioning with its
head to some spot behind. He ignored it considering this to be its playful
behavior. But when the dog persistently kept on whining and running to and fro,
the farmer followed it. The dog scratched a particular place of the ground. The
farmer thought of a bone or bits of fish buried there and therefore struck his hoe
and found a pile of gold.
Q.3.     i) How did
the spirit of the dog help the farmer first?
Ans.     The spirit of the dog through the dream asked the farmer to cut
down the pine tree over its grave, and make from it a mortar for rice pastry
and a mill for bean sauce. The farmer followed the instruction on New Year; the
farmer’s wife had put the boiled rice in to the mortar to make rice pastry. But
before baking, the whole mass turned into heap of gold coins. Likewise when
beans were put into the mill, gold started to drop as if rain droplets. In a
moment the whole tub was filled with gold bits.
Ii) How did it help him next?
Ans.     The dog appeared in the dream of the old man and acquainted him
how the wicked old couple had burned the hand mill and the spirit of the dog
asked him to take the ashes of the mill and sprinkle on withered trees to make
them bloom. The old man did the same and found with happiness that words of the
spirit were true. The bare cherry tree in his garden spouted blossoms when a
pinch of ash was sprinkled on it. Later, he was rewarded by the Daimio for
making an old withered cherry tree blossom once again.
Q.4.     Why did the Daimio reward the farmer but punish his neighbor for the same act?
Ans.     The Daimio was overwhelmed by the magical show of the farmer and
rewarded the farmer. To get the reward like the old farmer his wicked neighbour
also sprinkled ashes on the withered tree to bloom into blossom. But, this time
the result was adverse. The tree did not turn into blossoms. And the wind blew
the dust into the noses and eyes of the Daimio and his wife. This was the
reason why the wicked old man was punished.