Extra Questions and Answers On Tansen | CBSE CLASS VI | ENGLISH

What was the name of Tansen’s father and
where did they live?
Answer- Tanse’s father’s name
was Mukandan Mishra and they lived
Behat near Gwalior.
What special quality did Tansen learn in
his childhood?
Answer- Tansen was a naughty child in his childhood. Often, he ran away to play
in the forest, and soon learnt to imitate perfectly the calls of birds and
When did Tansen see Swami Haridas for the first time?
Answer- Swami Haridas was a famous singer. Once Swami Haridas
was travelling through the forest with his disciples. Tired, the group settled
down to rest in a shady grove. At that time Tansen was also there in the same
forest .There Tansen saw Swami Haridas for the first time.
What did Tansen do when he saw strangers in the forest? How did
Swami Haridas react to it?
Answer- Seeing the strangers in the forest Tansen thought to
make fun and frighten the group. He hid behind a tree and roared like a tiger.
The little group of travellers were bewildered and scattered in fear. But Swami
Haridas was not afraid .He called them together and told not be afraid.He added
that Tigers are not always dangerous.
On finding Tansen doing the prank what did Swami Haridas do?
Answer- When Swami Haridas found that Tansen was roaring like a
tiger, he did not punish him. He went to Tansen’s father and said that his son
was very naughty and he was also very talented and he thought he could make him
a good singer.

When did Tansen’s parents die and how long did he learn music
from Swami Haridas?
Answer- Tansen’s parents died
during his stay with Swami Haridas learning music.
At the age of ten Tansen went away with Swami Haridas. He lived
with him for eleven years, learning music, and became a great singer.
What was Mukandan Misra’s dying wish and why did he wish that?
Answer – Tansen’s father Mukandan Misra’s dying wish was that
Tansen should visit Mohammad Ghaus of Gwalior because Mohammad Ghaus was a holy
man. Besides Mukandan Misra had long been devoted to him, and often visited
Whom and how did Tansen marry?
Answer- While living in Gwalior with Mohammed Ghaus, Tansen was
often taken to the court of Rani Mrignaini, who was a great musician herself.
There he met and married one of the ladies of the court. Her name was Hussaini.
Why did King Akbar wish Tansen to join his court?
Answer- After Tansen’s Marriage, Tansen became very famous and
often he sang before Emperor Akbar, who was so impressed by him that he
insisted Tansen should join his court.
10.   In which year Tansen
joined the court of Akbar and how did Akbar enjoy the song of Tansen?
Answer- Tansen joined Akbar’s court in 1556, and soon became a
great favourite of the Emperor. Akbar would call upon Tansen to sing at any time
during the day or night. Quite often he would just walk into Tansen’s house to
hear him practise. King Akbar also gave him many presents.
Why did the other courtiers become jealous of Tansen?
Answer- After the advent Tansen in the court of King Akbar, Tansen
became very popular and very famous and he was given more privilege and
importance than other courtiers. As a result out of jealousy the other
courtiers thought that they would never be able to rest till Tansen was ruined.
 What wicked idea did
Shaukat Mian make to destroy Tansen?
Answer- One of the courtiers, Shaukat Mian, made a wicked idea
to destroy Tnasen.
He planned to make Tansen sing Raga Deepak. He explained to the
other courtiers that as Tansen was a very good singer, if Tansen sang Raga
Deepak properly it would make the air so hot that Tansen would be burnt to
ashes and thus they will get rid of Tansen.

How did Shaukat Mian entice King Akbar to make Tansen sing Raga
Deepak? What was the reply King Akbar at the challenge by Shaukat Mian?

Answer- As planned Shaukat Mian went to Akbar and said that did
not think that Tansen was a great singer. And he proposed a challenge for
Tansen. He said to test Tansen.He requested King Akbar to tell him to sing Raga
Deepak and also added that only the greatest singers could sing it properly.
Listening this King Akbar said that of course Tansen could sing
it. Tansen could sing anything.
Hearing about the challenge why was Tansen afraid and unhappy?
Answer- Hearing the wish of the King Akbar Tansen very was
afraid but could not disobey him and asked some time to prepare himself. Tansen
went home. He was downcast and unhappy. He said to his wife that he could sing
the Raga Deepak but the heat it would give off would not only set the lamps
alight, it would also burn him to ashes.
What planning did Tansen make to save him from burning?
Answer- Tansen planned that if someone sang Raga Megh at the
same time while he would be singing Raga Deepak, and sang it properly, it would
bring rain. Then he suggested that their daughter, Saraswati, and her friend,
Rupvati, could do that. He taught the two girls to sing Raga Megh. They
practiced night and day for two weeks. Tansen told them that they must wait
till the lamps started burning, and then they must start singing.
What happened when Tansen sang Raga Deepak?
Answer- The legend goes that on the appointed day the whole town
assembled to hear Tansen sing Raga Deepak. When he began to sing, the air
became warm. Soon people in the audience were bathed in perspiration. The
leaves on the trees dried up and fell to the ground. As the music continued,
birds fell dead because of the heat and the water in the rivers began to boil.
People cried out in terror as flames shot up out of nowhere and lighted the

 How was
Tansen saved?
Answer- When flames shot up out of nowhere and lighted the lamps
and Tansen’s life was at stake, Saraswati and Rupvati began to sing Raga Megh.
The sky clouded over and the rain came down and Tansen was saved.