Short Questions And Answers |The treasure within | CLASS VIII | Cbse English

1. What nightmare did Hafeez contractor have?
Answer – hafeez contractor had nightmares about appearing for maths examination where he did not know anything.

2. What was the one thing said by the principal that changed Hafeez life?
Answer- the principal said hafeez how hard his mother worked to bring him up and that he should study hard and repay her mothers hard work.

3. What distraction did Hafeez contractor create one day?
Answer- Hafeez contractor played Chor police for one whole hour.

4. Was Hafeez contractor interested in architecture?
Answer- Hafeez contractor had no such interest in architecture. It all happened by chance.

5. Hafeez Contractor wanted to join the police force. Why didn’t he?
Answer- Hafeez contractor did not join Police Force as because his mother said him not to. She said him to complete his graduation.

6.Who in your view is an unusual learner? 
Answer- an unusual learner can be different from the rest. He can be a genius. did he help fellow students who had lost a button?
Answer- when his fellow students lost a button,he helped them by cutting a button from chalk by using a blade.

8. What was Mrs Gupta’s advice to hafeez contractor?
Answer- Mrs Gupta who was hafeez contractors teacher in the second and third grade advised him to become an architect when he grew up.

9.What is hafeez contractors definition of mathematics?
Answer- He said that putting design, construction,psychology,and sociology together and making a sketch from all that is mathematics.

10.In What special way did hafeez contractor remember things?
Answer- He didn’t remember them through his mind and saw things as photographs.