The Ant and the Cricket Textbook Answers And Solutions Cbse –Class-Viii-English

Q.1. The cricket say: “oh! What
will become of me?” when does he say it and why?
     The cricket under the adverse and
stern winter weather utters this concerning words.
     The cricket understands the impending
danger he is in. He discovers the fact that his cupboard is empty and
starvation and death is inevitable matter.
Q.2. What is your opinion of the
ant’s principles?
     The principles of ants are very just
and clear. They are having the ability of foreseeing and that is why they save
for future. They do not borrow from anybody and even do not lend to anyone.
There are the virtues one should possess. One would prefer helping a friend in
need and trouble.
Q.3. The ant tells the cricket to
‘dance winter away’. Do you think the word ‘dance’ is appropriate here? If so
     It is appropriate just as an
antithesis where a balance is made in a sentence with opposite but right
meaning. As the cricket said that he sang through the winter season, the ant
said him to dance the winter with relevance.
Ø  Further questions for study-
1. Prove Ant and The Cricket to be fable
2. Give us the structure of the poem
3. Of the two whom would you support and why?
4. What is the Principle of ant?
5. What moral lesson does the poem give?
6. Explain Critically- “Some crickets
have four legs, and some have two”
7. “Folks call this
a fable. I’ll warrant it true:”-Establish the statement .

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