Textbook solutions are important for better preparation for the board examination. This acquaints us with the pattern and the question type that help us to answers the questions carefully. Let us find out the same in The Road Not Taken BY ROBERT FROST -TEXTBOOK ANSWERS-CBSE-CLASS- IX- ENGLISH




1) Describe the two roads that the poet comes across.

Ans:– The two itineraries encountered by the poet in the intense autumn wood were aptly esoteric one. Both the itineraries were alike and aroused duality in the mind of the poet. Wrapped with the autumnal cast off of the trees both the roads were in the disguised identity. The poet, perplexed and confused, took one of them on the perceptible judgement. The two roads vehemently symbolize and hint at the duality and obscurity of the paths. Apparently, the first road seemed to the poet to be often trodden one whereas the second one seemed to be less travelled one. At last, the poet decides to go for the second path the less travelled one.

2)Which road does the poet choose and why?

Ans-On the basis of apparent observation the poet goes for the grassy and less travelled one.

            The similar roads wrapped with autumnal leaves were rather a puzzle to the poet. With human limitations, he tried to visualize the aftermaths and the dilemma didn’t soothe his questioned shoulder piece. He took the help of perceptible guess and went for the less travelled and grassy one. The poet at last hints his choice to be the wrong one.

3) Which road would you choose and why?

Ans- As I do not want to die in this world like the tramcars without having variegated experiences and as I am of the blood of adventure, uniqueness and the lover of expeditions and challenges, I shall take the second road.  I believe in the following words – “Life is action and not contemplation”. Leading a coward’s life is insulting the best gift of human life gifted by him. Hence let the thought of Tennyson be my prime principle when he says “I shall drink life to the lees”.

4) Does the speaker seem to be happy about his decision?

Ans:-No, the speaker is found to lament profoundly on his decision. There is a deep nexus between the apparent decisions of taking one of the roads with that of the profession of one’s life. The poet strongly hints at dejected state with the negative title of the poem. We become clear of his view when we read the line – “And that has made all the difference”. He uses the word ‘sigh’ to reflect his failure in making the right decision. Besides “I-I took the ……….” shows his hesitation in sharing his failed decision. Throughout the poem, the poet has impliedly hinted that he regrets his decision.

5) The poet says “I took the one less travelled by /And that has made all the difference.” What is the difference that mentions?

Ans: – The traveller picks the road “less travelled by”. Only the future can tell whether he was wise to go on the road he once chose. Metaphorically the choice of the road will bring change in life. If we follow the path that hardly suits us, we are inevitable to suffer. Conversely, if we can choose the right track of life we are inevitable to prosper in life. This is what makes “The difference” after all. The poem-like most of Frost’s poems thus end in wisdom. Once again ascertaining Frost’s vision that a poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom. The poet here talks about the failure that has come upon his life as he chose the wrong way.

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