1.An ant uses its feelers or antennae to-

a) talk
b) sing
c) eat
d) none of this

2.Name the smallest insect you have seen and the wisest-

a) The mosquito
b) The worm
c) The ants
d) none of this

3.Home of ants called-

a) Den
b) Cage
c) ‘anthills’/nests
d) none of this

4.Which ant lays egg?

a) The grubs
b) The queen
c) The workers
d) none of this

5.They spend most of their time searching For-

a) Sing
b) eat
c) food
d) none of this

6.So you see, an ant’s life is very

a) busy
b) Peaceful
c) Sad
d) none of this

7.The young ones called?

a) Workers
b) Queen
c) Grubs
d) none of this

8.The commonest ants are-

a) The blue ones
b) the black or red ones
c) the orange ones
d) none of this

9.Each ant greets all the others coming from the opposite direction by touching their –

a) feelers.
b) Legs
c) Mouth
d) none of this

10.Each ‘anthills’ has –

a) Fifty of little rooms and passages
b) Hundreds of little rooms and passages
c) Eleven of little rooms and passages
d) None of this


(c)The ants
(b)The queen
(b)the black or red ones
(b)Hundreds of little rooms and passages