1.Who was Kari?

a) The elephant
b) The horse
c) The tortoise
d) None of these

2.What is the first thing baby elephant did?

a) Saved his master’s life
b) Saved a drowning boy
c) Saved the house on fire
d) None of these

3.How much time did the master have to sharpen the hatchet?

a) Half an hour
b) One hour
c) Two hours
d) None of these

4.The most difficult thing to teach an elephant is the-

a) Walk
b) Master call
c) Sing
d) None of these

5.Kari’s attempt to take the bananas was seen by:

(a)His friend
(b) the boy
(c)The author
(d) none of the above

6.The author cleaned Kari’s body with:

(a)Clay of the river
(b) water and soap
(c) clean sand of the river
(d) none of this

7.What is the signal to sit down for the baby elephant?

(d)None of this

8.The commands leant by Kari were:

(a)‘Dhat’ and ‘Shoo’
(b)‘Dhat’ ‘Mali’ and ‘Shoo’
(c)‘Dhat’ and ‘Mali’
(d)none of the above

9.Kari was treated like a:

(a) son
(b) baby
(c) daughter
(d) None of the above

10.The most enjoyable thing for Kari in the mornings was:

(a)The morning walk
(b) breakfast
(c) the morning bath
(d) none of this


1.(a)The elephant
2.(b)Saved a drowning boy
3.(a)Half an hour
4.(b)Master call
5.(c)The author
6.(c)Clean sand of the river
8.(b)‘Dhat’ ‘Mali’ and ‘Shoo’
10.(a)The morning bath