Extra Questions And Answers of How the Camel got his hump || CBSE CLASS 8 ENGLISH || IT SO HAPPENED ||


1. Where did the camel live? What does he eat?


~The camel lived in the middle of the desert
because he did not want to work.

He ate
sticks, thorns, and prickles.


2. What would the camel do if anybody spoke to him?


~ When
anybody says anything to the camel in reply he says “Humph”.


3. Who were the 3 animals working for the man? What work was
assigned to them?


~ The
three animals were the horse, the dog, and the ox.

The horse was assigned the task of trotting, the dog was assigned the task of
fetching and carrying sticks, and the ox was assigned the task of ploughing.


4. What did the animals say to the camel? How did the camel respond
to them?


~ As
the camel was not working from Monday morning they asked him to join the rest
of them. He was asked to help them in trotting, ploughing and carrying sticks.

camel ignores and says ” humph” in reply.


5. What did the man say to the three animals?


~On their complain the man told the dog, the
horse, and the ox that since the camel cannot work, he would leave it alone and
the three of them would have to work double-time to make up for the work not
done by the camel which made the three of them very angry.


6. What was the reaction of the three animals when they were asked
to work double time?


~ The
three animals were mad at the camel on knowing that they have to work
double-time for him. They held a panchayat on the edge of the Desert to discuss
the matter together.


7. Why do you think the camel didn’t want to work?


~ The
camel was very lazy and so he didn’t want to work at all. He lived in the
middle of the desert so that he doesn’t have to work. He used to sit and eat for
the whole day.


8. Who was in charge of the desert?


Djinn was the in charge of all deserts, rolling in a cloud of dust.


9. What did the horse tell to Djinn? What did he assure the


~ The
horse complained to the in-charge of the desert that an animal with a long neck
and long leg that lives in the middle of the desert has not done a single
stroke of work from Monday morning.

listening to the horse, he knew that it was the camel. He assured him that he
will hump the camel.


10. What did Djinn say to the camel?


Djinn founds that the camel was busy looking his reflection in the pool. He
spoke to the camel about how it had given three extra works since Monday
morning. He keeps on wandering and talking to the camel but the camel keeps on
saying ‘Humph’. Djinn asks him to work but he keeps ignoring.


11. Why did Djinn change the camels ‘Humph’ to hump?


~ The
camel repeatedly said “Humph!”  despite
the Djinn’s warning, and as a result, he got a big hump in his back. Djinn being
annoyed spells magic words and grow a hump on the camel.


12. What was the reaction of the camel after getting the hump?


~ The camel was very self-obsessed, he loved
himself, he loved his image in the pool. But after getting the hump he was
tensed, frightened. He was tensed on how to work with the hump. Despite being
lazy he was forced to work.


13. Was there any change in the camel’s habits after getting the


~ The
camel was afraid after being punished with the hump. He had no other choice but
had to work as said by the in-charge. He joined the other three animals but
there was no change in his habits, he always misbehaved with the other three.


14. Why does the camel continue carrying the hump?


~ He
was very lazy. After getting a hump too he worked very lazily in the
desert.  And so he was unable to complete
the pending work of those three missed days. He continued carrying the hump and
living in the desert.