8.  A. Choose the most appropriate option from
the ones given below to complete the following passage. Write
the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank
number. (½ x8=4 Marks)
  He was reflecting what————-(a)
happen to his soaring plans if his army leader —————(b)  to
recapture Ratisbon.Just then a soldier was riding———–(c)full gallop towards
him .———(d)reaching he ,(e) himself off the horse in joy and
————(f) to stand erect ———–(g)his horse.He had his chest shot
through .”We have got you Ratisbon by the grace of god ,” he cried . “I
——–(h) our flag myself in the market place .  
1.   i) may
        ii) could           iii)
 iv) might
2.   i) fails       ii)
failed          iii) had failed
        iv) would fail
3.   i) in          ii) to
             iii) at
iv) over
4,   i) on        
 ii) after
          iii) in
                iv) before
5,   i) throw       ii)
has thrown      iii)
would throw        iv) threw
6.   i) managed     ii) had
managed     iii) would manage       iv) manage
7.   i) beside      ii)
besides         iii) by
                iv) on
8.   i) planted     ii) have
planted    iii) had planted        iv) plant
B.   Read the following paragraph and complete it
with the suitable option given below.
If ———(1) you and
consider the lives as well as your own ;if you think how —————–(2)are
born with honour and —————-(3)die without name or children
,————————(4)beauty we see and how few friends we hear of ,how
many diseases and how much poverty there is in the world.
1.   i) think about     ii) look about  iii) search for      iv) check
2.   i) many
           ii) much 
      iii) few             iv) some
3)   i) how many        ii) how much    iii) how often       iv)
how few   
4.   i) how many        ii)
how often   iii) how few         iv) how little
A. Edit the following passage.
                                   Incorrect word   Correct word                                                             
A letter from an young lady         
 _________       ___________
Written in the more passionate   __________ 
Terms wherein she lamented        __________ 
Misfortune of the gentleman, her lover   
__________       __________
Who has lately wounded in a duel      
   __________       __________
Was turned into my thoughts to that    
Subject and incline me to examine
Into the causes who participate men    
Into so fatal a folly.
B. Rearrange the
following words to make a meaningful sentence.
1)   nice manners/ appearance /of /and / wanted
for /girl/telephone
2)   led/temptation/Beware /lest /into /thou/be
3)   biographies/the essence of //History
/innumerable/has been/it/said/is
4)   would/speak /of/you/clearly/understood/be
C. Read the dialogue and
complete the sentences that follow.
OOm-Good bye! This is
not the apt place to talk .
 Raghuveer –Wait a moment .The answer is
important to me .
Oom – Often answers do
not bring peace if delivered in the wrong time .So wait for the right moment.
Raghuveer-Nothing has
happened right for me till now .I am ready to face any adverse situation .
Oom-Almighty keeps every
record of everybody. Justice is for all. So you must have faith on him and wait.
Now fill in the blanks with the proper
words with relevance to the text.

Oom bade good bye and said —————-(1).Raghuveer
requested him to———————(2).Oom replied that often answers do not
bring peace if delivered in the wrong time and advised him to wait for the
right moment .Raghuveer said ———————(3).Oom replied …………………….(4)