NCERT Questions Ans Answers of The Happy Prince CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH CHAPTER-5 MOMENTS

You are going to go through NCERT Questions Ans Answers of The Happy Prince CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH CHAPTER-5 MOMENTSTextbook solutions are important for better preparation for the board examination. This acquaints us with the pattern and the question type that help us to answers the questions carefully. Let us find out the same in NCERT Questions Ans Answers of The Happy Prince CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH CHAPTER-5 MOMENTS

NCERT Questions Ans Answers of The Happy Prince CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH CHAPTER-5 MOMENTS

Textbook Solutions OF NCERT Answers of The Happy Prince

1 . Why do the courtiers call the prince “ The Happy Prince”? Is he really happy? What does he see all around him?

_ The Prince used to live in the palace and he did not knew what tear was. He never came across the sorrow and sufferings of the common people in his kingdom. He always remained happy and then died and hence his courtiers named him “ The Happy Prince”.

After the death of the Happy Prince, the courtiers have made a big statue of the Prince and he could see everything from the top. He saw that there was a huge difference between the lives of the rich people and the poor people. The rich people were enjoying and celebrating in their beautiful houses and leading a luxurious life whereas the poor people faced lots of struggles in their daily life. This made him feel heartbroken and he was not happy in real sense.

2 . Why does the Happy Prince send a ruby for the seamstress? What does the swallow do in the seamstress’ house?

_ The Prince could see a woman sitting in a table far away in the city. The woman was lean and her hands were red, pricked by needles as she was a seamstress. The Prince could see a little boy in the corner of the room, lying in a bed. He was suffering from high fever and continuously asking his mother to give him oranges. But, his mother gave him only river water as she could not afford to buy oranges, so the boy was crying. This touched the prince’s heart and hence he sends a ruby for the seamstress.

The swallow became the messenger of the Prince . On the Prince’s command he took out the ruby from the Prince’s sword. The swallow flied a long distance , through the cathedral tower , passed over the river and reached the old woman’s house. The swallow hopped inside and kept the ruby on the table, then flew round the bed and fanned the boy who was suffering to make him feel comfortable. After doing this, the swallow flew back to the Prince.

3 . For whom does the Prince send the sapphires and why?

_ One day, the Prince saw a man leaning over a table covered with papers. His hair was brown and his lips were as red as a pomegranate. His eyes were large and dreamy. The young man was trying hard to finish a play for the Director but he was unable to write as it was freezing cold outside and there was no fire in the grate and he had nothing to eat which weakened his body. The Prince felt pity and he ordered the swallow to pluck out one of the two sapphires from his eyes and give it to the young man.

Another day, the Prince saw a little matchgirl who had no shoes or stockings and had nothing to cover her head in the cold. She was afraid of her father as she had spoiled all the matchsticks by letting them fall in the gutter and her father would beat her severely if she does not bring back home any money. So, the Prince ordered the swallow to pluck out his other sapphire and give it to the little matchgirl.

4 . What does the swallow see when it flies over the city?

_ The swallow flew over the vast city and observed that the rich people are celebrating and enjoying in their beautiful houses and were leading a luxurious life. On the other hand , the beggars were sitting in front of the gates and begging. The swallow too flew into the dark lanes and noticed the pale faces of the children who were starving. He too noticed that in the freezing cold two boys were lying under the archway of the bridge , on each other’s arms to protect themselves . The swallow flew back to the prince and informed these to him.

5 . Why did the swallow not leave the Prince and go to Egypt?

_ The swallow was very eager to go to Egypt and enjoy the view of great monuments. But he became impressed by the Prince’s kind heart and his activities of charity. Moreover, after donating the sapphires the Prince became completely blind and he was unable to see the sufferings of people. So, the swallow decided to help the Prince by informing him about the sufferings of the people . Hence he left the desire of going to Egypt and became the Prince’s messenger.

6 . What are the precious things mentioned in the story? Why are they precious?

_ The two precious things mentioned in the story are the leaden heat of the Prince and the swallow.

They are considered precious because of their activities of kindness. The Happy Prince unable to see the struggles of the people sacrificed everything he had such as the ruby, the sapphires and the gold. On the other hand, the swallow sacrificed will to go to Egypt and helped the Prince by becoming his messenger to fulfil all the orders of the Prince. The Prince and the swallow did not act selfish and helped the people who were severely suffering which made them the most precious ones.

Talk About It-NCERT Answers of The Happy Prince

The little swallow says, “ It is curious, but I feel quite warm now, although it is so cold”. Have you ever had such a feeling? Share your experience with your friends.

_  We all know that man is a social animal and we all are dependent on others for leading a luxurious life. A mutual help is required and when we help others we get a feeling of satisfaction and whenever we are helped we do feel grateful. This is because helping others is the essence of life. In this chapter, the swallow felt quite warm because he left his desire to go to Egypt and helped the Prince by becoming his messenger. By helping others the presence of God is felt around which give a feeling of satisfaction.