Extra Questions with Answers OF Weathering the Storm in Ersama CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH CHAPTER-6 MOMENTS

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Extra Questions with Answers OF Weathering the Storm in Ersama CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH CHAPTER-6 MOMENTS

1 . Why had Prashant gone to Ersama? What did he experience there?

_  Prashant had gone to Ersama, a small town in coastal Orissa, after seven years of his mother’s death. He went there to spend a good day with one of his friend.

Prashant experienced a very furious storm that evening. The winds were very strong and beat against the houses. The strong winds uprooted many ancient trees and blew off many houses. Screams of the people were audible. Thousands of people lost their lives in the storm. Many children became orphans and many women became widows. The storm lasted for thirty-six hours and brought a vast destruction in Ersama. Prashant had never witnessed such a deadly storm before in his lifetime.

2 . Why did Prashant considered himself lucky?

_  The storm was very furious and the winds were strong. The winds beat strongly against the houses and uprooted many of the ancient trees. The heavy rain washed off many houses . Rain too swirled inside the house of Prashant’s friend but the building had a strong motor and hence it was able stand strong in the heavy storm. That is why Prashant considered himself lucky than others.

3 . How did Prashant survive in his friend’s house?

_  The house of Prashant’s friend was strong enough to stand still in the terrible storm as it had a strong motor. But due to heavy rain, the water swirled inside their house and they had to take shelter on the open rooftop. It was freezing cold and there was continuous rainfall. Prashant with his friend’s family survived on the rooftop for the next two days.

4 . Describe the horrifying scene that Prashant saw in the morning in Ersama.

_ Prashant saw a very horrifying and disturbing scene in the morning. The whole Ersama was covered with a deadly, furious brown sheet of water. Small houses were not visible only a few houses which were made of cement were visible. The human and animal dead bodies which were swollen with fluid could be seen all around. The uprooted trees were scattered everywhere. The storm had caused massive destruction in Ersama which took away the lives of many people.

5 . How many days did  Prashant stay in his friend’s house? Which thoughts disturbed him the most?

_ Prashant and his friend’s family took shelter on the open rooftop, in the freezing cold . He survived there for two days long.

The only thought that kept on disturbing Prashant was whether his family was safe in the storm. He kept on thinking about his family and two days seemed to be two years for him. He wanted to return to his family as soon as possible.

6 . What made Prashant move out from the safety of his friend’s house in a dangerous situation?

_ Prashant had no clue about his family. He was worried whether they survived in the massive destruction. For him, two days seemed like two years. He continuously thought of his family. As soon as the storm stopped, Prashant was determined to find out his family members at any cost and hence, he left his friend’s house in the worst situation.

7 . How did Prashant prepare himself for the long trek?

_  Prashant was totally determined to find out his family members under any circumstances. Before preparing himself physically he mentally prepared himself. Then, he took a strong and solid stick to balance himself in the floodwater. With that stick, he started his eighteenth kilometres long journey which was full of difficulties.

8 . What difficulties did Prashant face on his journey?(Extra Questions OF Weathering the Storm in Ersama)

_ Prashant only used a solid and Strong stick in his journey. With the help of that stick, he determined his way. At some places water was shallow and at some places, the water was waist-deep which slowed down his progress. In some places, he lost his way and had to swim. It was a very hard journey which Prashant would never forget.

9 . What did Prashant see during his journey?

_ During Prashant’s journey, he saw some disturbing sights. As he was progressing ahead, he had to remove many dead bodies of men, women, children, animals such as dogs, goats and cattle. He saw that in many villages there were barely any standing houses. Some of them were drenched into water. The view was horrifying which gave Prashant the surety that his family could not survive in the destruction.

10 .  Why did Prashant lost hopes after reaching his village?

_  Prashant, after a lot of struggles reached his village Kalikuda. Prashant stood still after seeing the massive damages. There were only the remainings of the roof of his house at the place where his house stood. He also identified some of their belongings in the branches of trees. Prashant could not see his family and hence he lost all his hopes.

11 . Where did Prashant go in search of his family? Who did he spot first?

_ Prashant , after seeing the pathetic view of his house rushed to the Red Cross shelter in search of his family.

When he went there, he at first spotted his maternal grandmother. He became quite relieved after seeing her. After that, he found other members such as his uncles, sisters, brothers.

12 . Why did Prashant decide to lead the villagers?

_  The storm brought horrifying destruction in Kalikuda. Eighty- six people had lost their lives and ninety-six houses had been washed away.  Prashant observed that the people were under extreme grief. They had no sufficient food and they survived on green coconuts only. Prashant felt that there was no one to help them to come out of their grief and start a new life. So, Prashant decided to lead the villagers.

13 . What was the task organised by Prashant after feeding the survivors?

_  Prashant for the first time in four days was successful in feeding the survivors. His second task was to create a group of volunteers whose target would be to clean the shelters, vomiting, urine and the floating dead bodies. They would also make a note of the injured ones and take care of them.

14 . What event took place on the fourth day at the camp? Why did Prashant ask the children to lie on sand with utensils?

_ On the fourth day of the camp , the survivors got military help. The military helicopters dropped food parcels on the ground . This was a ray of hope for the survivors.

The military helicopters stopped helping the villagers. So, Prashant asked the children to bring utensils and lie on the sand and place them on their stomach. This would give symbols to the military helicopters about their sufferings.

15 . How did Prashant encouraged the women of Kalikuda to make a new start in their life?

_ Prashant could realize that the women of their village were still under grief and they were not able to move on. So, he encouraged the women to work in food-for-work programmes under the NGOs. This would help them to divert their mind and come out of their grief.

16 . How did Prashant heal his wounded spirit?

_ Prashant focused more on helping others than focusing on his loss and pain. He was busy helping the victims and take care of each and every one. Prashant encouraged women to work in NGOs. He also organised sports events such as cricket to entertain the children. He had no time to think of himself and in this way, he healed his own wounds.

17 . What is the theme of the story?( Extra Questions OF Weathering the Storm in Ersama)

_ The theme of the story is that we can overcome any hurdles in our lives with courage, patience and dedication. We also came to learn about the leadership quality of Prashant. He was the one who stood up to guide the survivors. Prashant noticed the problem of each and everyone and helped them in every possible way. He never thought of his pain and sufferings. The story also teaches us that we must all stand together in a difficult situation and help each other to come out of the grief.