Extra questions with answers OF A House Is Not A Home CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH -CHAP-8-MOMENTS

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Extra questions with answers OF A House Is Not A Home CBSE CLASS 9 ENGLISH -CHAP-8-MOMENTS

1 . Why did the writer felt weird and awkward during his first year in high school?

_ In the new high school, everything was very new for the narrator. The new school was two times bigger than the old one. Everything has changed, his old teachers, his old friends. It became very difficult for him to start a new beginning after enjoying all the privileges of being in the senior-most class in junior school. He missed his old friends and felt isolated in the new school.

2 . Why did he continuously visit his old school?

_  The narrator felt very isolated in the new school as he didn’t know anyone. He felt depressed all the time and he couldn’t come out of his past. The narrator missed his old school so much that he couldn’t focus on the activities of his new school. He continuously visited his old teachers as he missed them a lot. Moreover, the narrator was very familiar with the place where he had to spend many years happily.

3 . What advice were given to the narrator by his old teachers?

_ The narrator continuously visited his old school even after getting admission in high school. He missed his old teachers and friends and hence he came repeatedly to meet his old teachers. The teachers of his junior school understood the emotions and sentiments of the narrator and advised him to focus on the activities that were going on in his new school and actively participate in those activities. They also said to him to talk to everyone so that he could make new friends. They were sure that the narrator would love the new high school more than the junior school but it would take time to adjust.

4 . Was the cat a playful one? If yes then justify your answer.

_ The cat was a very playful one. One afternoon, the narrator was sitting and doing his homework. His cat was lying on his papers, trying to distract him by purring loudly. The cat was also sometimes playing with his pen in order to entertain the narrator. The narrator loved his cat the most.

5 . Why was the cat very important to the narrator?

_ The narrator was very attached to the red tabby cat and he loved it the most. He never parted the cat from her. Once, the narrator saved the little kitten and since then the cat lived with them. The narrator kept the cat with him while doing his homework or while doing other household works. The cat was a permanent partner of the narrator and the cat too knew that the narrator was responsible for her good life.

6 . What happened in the Sunday afternoon?

_ In the cold and windy Sunday afternoon everything was going very fine. The narrator was sitting with his cat and doing his homework. His mother was adding up some fuel in the fireplace to keep on the fire. Suddenly, the narrator smelled something wrong and noticed smoke near their ceiling. In no time their house was completely filled with fire and they could see nothing. From a fine Sunday afternoon, it turned to be the most horrifying one.

7 . What did the narrator and his mother do after noticing the smoke?

_ The narrator while doing his homework smelled something weird and noticed smoke near their ceiling. In no time the smoke completely filled their house and they could see nothing. He and his mother was searching for the door blindly. After some time they found the door and came out into their front yard and saved their lives.

8 . Why did the narrator’s mother ran back into the burning house?

_ The narrator and his mother somehow came out of the house. But the narrator’s mother ran into the house to bring a small metal box which contained all their important documents. While coming, his mother dropped the metal box and again ran inside. The narrator knew that she went inside to bring all the pictures and letters of his dead father which were more important to his mother than her own life.

9 . Why was the narrator stopped by the fireman?

_ The narrator freaked out and he highly panicked when he saw his mother running back into the burning house. He also wanted to follow his mother as he didn’t want to live his mother alone but a fireman prohibited him from doing so and held him back. This could have been risky and the narrator could have lost his life. So, the fireman stopped the narrator to get into the burning house.

10 . Was the writer’s mother rescued? How? How long did it take to put off the fire and was the house anyhow habitable?

_ Yes, the narrator’s mother was rescued. Few firemen ran inside the burning house with proper security and they rescued his mother. She was unable to breathe properly due to the smoke and so, she was provided with an oxygen mask to help her breathe normally.

The firemen worked five hours long to put off the fire. No, unfortunately, the house was not habitable. The house along with all their belongings was completely destroyed by the fire.

11 . While departing from the horrifying site, what did the writer realize?

_ While departing from the horrifying site, suddenly the narrator realized that his little red cat was missing. He had no clues where she was, whether she was dead or alive. The narrator loved his cat so much that he became totally depressed. He couldn’t think of living his life happily without the little cat. He also wanted to go inside the house and search for the cat but the fireman did not give him permission.

12 . Why did the writer feel more awkward in his new school after the incident?

_ After a week, the narrator went to school. He was not properly dressed up. The narrator wore the same dress which he wore in the church that morning. He had no proper shoes, backpack, textbooks, notebooks. All his school accessories were destroyed by the fire. Moreover, it had to suffer the loss of his old school, his house and his little cat. He had no friends in his new school with whom he could share all his feelings and what was going on in his life. He was not ready to take up any more losses. The narrator couldn’t concentrate on anything that was going on in the school and moved around like a zombie.

13 . How did the narrator react when he saw the site of the burnt house?

_ The narrator went to visit the site of the burnt house after his school hours. When he reached the site, he was completely shocked to see the horrifying sight. He couldn’t believe the extent of damage the fire caused. He never imagined that such a huge amount of water and chemicals would be used during the rescue operation.

14 . Why does the writer say that she had no time to grieve?

_ The narrator had to support his mother mentally. They had to overcome the incident and start a new life. And they had to buy new clothes, look for a new place to build their house and buy all thing necessary for living daily life. They did not have time to think about their losses and stuck in the past.

15 . Where did the narrator and his mother stay? From whom did they borrow money and why?

_  The narrator and his mother lived in their grandparent’s house and later on, they rented an apartment and lived there.

They had to borrow money from their grandparents as all their documents, credit cards were all destroyed by the fire and hence, it became difficult for them to withdraw money.

16 . How did the narrator got back his interest in life?

_ One day, the narrator was getting ready for the gym class. Everyone was telling him to hurry up and it was quite surprising for the narrator. On entering the gym room, the narrator came to know the actual reason. On the table, his schoolmates arranged all the requirements which the narrator required such as, school dress, shoes, notebooks, textbooks, casual dress etc. It was an overwhelming moment for the narrator when he saw that. Moreover, everyone was showing their concern, care towards the narrator. This made him feel very special and he started to lead a happy and casual life.

17 . What changes took place in the narrator’s life after getting the support of his friends?

_ The narrator started leading a happy life. He made new friends and he started to participate in the school activities actively. The narrator did not feel depressed or frustrated. He felt very secured and comfortable among his new friends.  The narrator used to visit his old house after school hours but this time there was a difference that is he was not alone. He had his friends with him.

18 . Was the narrator completely happy? Justify your answer with proper reasons.

_ No, the narrator was not completely happy. The narrator was actively participating in his school. He had made new friends and he also started living a usual life. But somewhere he was not happy. He missed his little cat as he loved her the most. The narrator always kept her with him while doing his homework or while doing some other works. He missed her presence. The narrator tried to find her cat in every possible place but he didn’t get her. His life was incomplete without the cat and hence he was not completely happy.

19 . Who returned the cat to the narrator? Would you consider the lady as kind and sensitive?

_ One day after a month, the narrator with his two friends went to visit his house. There a stranger lady gave the narrator his cat. The little cat was freaked out by the fire and ran away a few miles away to save his life. The stranger lady took care of the cat and made efforts to find its owner.

According to me, the stranger lady was a very kind and sensitive person. The reasons are, she took care of the little cat and understood that the cat needed proper care. She also took the cat to her home and gave it the love and affection which she needed. Moreover, the lady utilized her time and energy in finding the owner of the cat. She knew that she won’t get anything in return but she acted selflessly and found the real owner of the cat.

20 . Give a brief description of the relationship between the narrator and his mother.

_ The narrator and his mother was very close to each other. The narrator lost his father when he was a child and his mother took care of him. His mother noticed all the requirements of the narrator as she had to play the dual role of a father and a mother. The narrator loved his mother so much that when his mother ran back to get the images and letters of his dead father, he also wanted to run behind her but a fireman held him back. They supported each other both physically and mentally in bringing back their usual life and overcome from the horrifying incident.