Sample Questions ON THE ENEMY PART-1(New Pattern) CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-Vistas

You are going to go through Sample Questions ON Sample Questions ON THE ENEMY PART-1(New Pattern) CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-VistasTo score better in CBSE examinations, the role of sample questions is immense, A learner has to practise rigorously to master the topic and put in the examination meticulously without making any mistakes. Sample questions help to cope with the pattern and dos and don ts that CBSE desires a learner to achieve. Here in the lesson Sample Questions Sample Questions ON THE ENEMY PART-1(New Pattern) CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-Vistas experts made it sure that sample questions come with the design and blueprint prescribed by CBSE.So let us find out Sample Questions Sample Questions ON THE ENEMY PART-1(New Pattern) CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-Vistas

1. “The low, square stone house was set upon rocks well above a narrow beach that was outlined with bent pines” ..In the following sentences find which does Not correspond the word “narrow”  used in the extract.

a) Some people living in the society have narrow ideals

b) He proved himself narrow as he denied to save the dying man

c) The climber fell in the narrow gap of the hill

d) The time for our exam is getting narrower day by day.

2. “As a boy Sadao had climbed the pines, supporting himself on his bare feet”—- Which one of the following indicates ‘bare’ incorrectly

a. She went in the rain without umbrella b. They played the match without football boot c. She answered the question without knowledge. D.none

3. ‘he had found her in the most casual way, by chance literally—Which of the following DOES NOT go with “by chance”

a) by coincidence b) unexpectedly c) as luck would have it d) rendezvous

4. “Those islands yonder, they are the stepping stones to the future for Japan.” —-Which one of the following means the nearest to ‘stepping stones’

a) The step to be an ideal b) The step to start a journey c) The journey to culmination d) None of the above

5. “who never joked or played with him but who spent infinite pains upon him”——Which one of the following does not mean ‘infinite’ ?

a)  Boundless. b) interminable c) meagre  d) unbounded

6. The reason for not sending Sadao to the front was-

a) His inability to fight a battle b) His exceptional ability as a surgeon c) The general was afraid of health issues d) None

7. “and then come creeping up the beach below the house”Which one of the following indicates the meaning of ‘below”

8. ‘In a few minutes fog would be wrapped about the house too’ ..“a few” is an example of –

a) modal verb b) determiner c) collective noun d) concrete noun

9 and she looked out, a dark-blue woollen haori over her kimono”

Which one of the following is an example of “Haori”

10.He had met Hana in America, but he had waited to fall in love with her until he was sure she was Japanese.”

Here ‘until’ is a-
a) subordinating conjunction b) coordinating conjunction c) correlative conjunction d) All of the above

B. Answer the following questions in about 50 words each (Any Five) 5×2=10
a) Do you consider the rebel of the servants right or wrong? Justify your answer with reasons.

b) Yumi decided not to wash the white man. At this what was the reaction of Hana? Do you think she acted an ideal mistress?

c) The skill of surgery saved many lives in and around Sadao. Discuss critically.
d) The story reflects Japanese tradition and culture along with hatred ensued owing to the war. Discuss critically

e) How do the themes of patriotism and treason work in the characters of Sadao, the General and Yumi?

C. Answer the following questions in about 100-120  words 5×2=10

a) The Enemy teaches you that ‘Greater duty is the duty to humanity’.In relation to the story ‘The Enemy’ recount an incident in your personal life where you had to go for the greater cause than your narrow interest.

b) Support of wife in the right decision of her husband helps the man do his work resolutely. Create an original story on this very theme.