You are going to go through Sample Questions ON SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON POEMS (AMANDA, THE BALL POEM, ANIMALS) CBSE CLASS 10To score better in CBSE examinations, the role of sample questions is immense, A learner has to practise rigorously to master the topic and put in the examination meticulously without making any mistakes. Sample questions help to cope with the pattern and dos and don ts that CBSE desires a learner to achieve. Here in the lesson SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON POEMS (AMANDA, THE BALL POEM, ANIMALS) CBSE CLASS 10experts made it sure that sample questions come with the design and blueprint prescribed by CBSE.So let us find out SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON POEMS (AMANDA, THE BALL POEM, ANIMALS) CBSE CLASS 10

      A. Choose the correct option from the following.

1. Don’t hunch your shoulders, Amanda! In the following pictures find the correct one reflecting haunch SITTING posture correctly

2. “I stand and look at them long and long”..Here the expression of the sentence means-

a. looking for a long time b. looking with amazement. C. looking hypnotized d. looking in vagueness

3. “What is the boy now”.The above expression suggests

a. What is the job of the boy. b. His situation c. his health status d. None

4. “where the sole inhabitant is me”.Which one of the following is NOT corresponding with the meaning of ‘sole’

a. only b. single c. solitary d.  pooled

5. They do not sweat and whine about their condition..Of the following expressions ,which one is NOT reflecting ‘whine’

a. The whine in her voice made him cringe b. They come to me to whine about their troubles. C. She spoke with a whine d. None of these

6. “Merrily bouncing, down the street, and then
     Merrily over — there it is in the water!”
Find out the correct figures of speech which is in the both of the above sentences

a. Simile b. Transferred epithet c. Zeugma d. Anaphora

7. Did you tidy your room, Amanda?

In the above sentence the word ‘tidy’ is used as

a. Adjective b. finite verb c. non finite verb c. causative verb

8. “not one is demented with
      the mania of owning things”

Find the option from the following which DOES NOT reflect the sense of ‘Mania’

a.sanity  b. madness c. insanity d. lunacy

9. “I would not intrude on him”..Which one of the following is NOT the correct one going with the word ‘intrude’

a. interrupt b. meddle c. obtrude d. leave alone

10. “I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet”
Which one of the following is Not a pattern?

B. Answer the following questions in about 40 to 50 words each. (Any two) 2×2=4

      1. Would you call Amanda a disrespectful child? Provide one reason to justify your opinion

      2. Do you think the ‘I’ in the poem is the poet or an observer? Give a reason for your choice of response?

      3. A misanthrope is a person who dislikes humankind. Do you think the poet is a misanthrope? Provide a rationale to support your response.

C. Answer the following questions in about 50 to 60 words each. (Any two) 3×2=6

     1. The poet has an exaggerated and idealized perception of animal life. Do you agree? Why/Why not?

     2. Recount your reaction to the loss of a favourite object as a very young child. Would you have behaved the same way now? Explain with reason.

     3. ‘Amanda is alone but not lonely in the world she envisions.’ Justify the statement with reference to any one image she pictures in her mind.

     D. Answer the following questions in about 100 words each.  5×2=10

     1. Nelson Mandela is more hopeful about human kind than Walt Whitman. Do you agree? Support your opinion based on your reading of ‘Animals’ and ‘Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’.

     2. What advice might “chatterbox” Anne (Frank) have for the quietly imaginative Amanda? Present this as a conversation between the two. You may begin this way: Anne: Gosh! You do run off into some strange worlds, don’t you? Amanda: (nods) Well…

3. If the Buddha were to summarise the life lesson of “The Ball Poem’, what would that sermon be? Think and create this address for people of your age.