You are going to go through Sample Questions ON Sample SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON MOTHER AT SIXTY-SIX CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-FLAMINGOTo score better in CBSE examinations, the role of sample questions is immense, A learner has to practise rigorously to master the topic and put in the examination meticulously without making any mistakes. Sample questions help to cope with the pattern and dos and don ts that CBSE desires a learner to achieve. Here in the lesson SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON MOTHER AT SIXTY-SIX CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-FLAMINGO experts made it sure that sample questions come with the design and blueprint prescribed by CBSE.So let us find out SAMPLE QUESTIONS ON MOTHER AT SIXTY-SIX CBSE CLASS 12 ENGLISH-FLAMINGO


1. “Driving from my parent’s home to Cochin last Friday morning” ..Here “driving” is used as

a) Present participle b) gerund c) perfect participle d) Present progressive 

2. “I saw my mother, beside me”Which one of the following indicates the use of ‘beside’ correctly

3. Which one of the following does not correspond with –‘doze’

a) She was relaxed when she had a nap.

b) Tesla always had a siesta to refresh himself,

c) He was drowsing during the bus journey.

d) It was refreshing for me as I had sound sleep.

4. “she was as old as she looked”..Which one of the following does Not mean ‘old’

a) senile b) superannuation c) dotage d) juvenility

5. The poet looked out of the car because she-

a)  was annoyed by her mother. b) wanted to inhale fresh air c) was morose d) was looking for the destination to come.

6. ‘the merry children spilling out of their homes’..Which figures of speech is justified to the above line.

a) zeugma b) personification c) imagery d) transferred epithet

7. What does ‘the airport’s security check’ signify?

a) Parting with the mother

b) A secured area for travellers

c) A feeling that the poet is going to miss with her mother.

d) An uncrossable barrier of the different world between mother and the poet.

8. ‘standing a few yards away’“a few” is an example of –

a) modal verb b) determiner c) collective noun d) concrete noun

9. What is the underlying thought of the poet when she says –‘see you soon, Amma’

a) The poet was hopeful to meet her.
b) The poet was bidding her mother goodbye

c) The poet was not sure about her mother’s travelling alone.
d) The poet was not sure to see her mother again.

10.The special feature of the poem is that –

a) The poem is made up of one single line.

b) The poem is in free verse

c) The poem caters melancholy
d) All of the above

B. Answer the following questions in about 50 words each (Any Five) 5×2=10
a) Every human is subject to decay decline and death. How does the poem deal with this underlying theme?

b) You read the poem “My Mother at Sixty Six” and realised that “Life is a too-short span of time to leave a mark on.” What changes do you want to bring into your life to make it count a worthy one?

c) Fear of losing the most cared one in life is the biggest fear one has. How losing most cared ones affect life and what ways should we resort to deal with this mishap?
d) How does the poet in the poem use the contrasting images and reflect the subtleties human emotion and escaping mentality?

e) A free verse is the most popular form of poetry that people use to form a verse. Create an ‘eight-line’ free verse poetry reflecting your love and care for your mother.

C. Answer the following questions in about 100-120  words 5×2=10

a) Suppose you are the poet. You realised that your mother is old and one day will meet the horns of death. Write a letter to your elder brother expressing your feelings about what you have realized today about your mother.

b) Old age people are in need of more attention, love and care. How do you think our society is dealing with old age people. Discuss their situation in society and surmise your thoughts about the things to be done for them.