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In the Kingdom of Fools


Textbook solutions of In the Kingdom of Fools

1 . What are the two strange things the guru and the disciple find in the Kingdom of Fools?

_ The King and the minister of the kingdom were extremely stupid. They wanted to set up a unique Kingdom. Once the guru and hid disciple arrived in the kingdom and found two strange things, those were:-

A . They saw that in the beautiful kingdom during day time, the entire city was empty. Not even a single cattle was standing outside. All the shops were closed but soon after sunset everyone was out for work and started doing their business.

B . When they were hungry and went to buy some food, they were amazed to know that everything was available for the same price that is a “single duddu”.

2 . Why did the disciple decided to stay in the kingdom of fools? Is it a good idea?

_ When the disciple came to know that all the grocery items were available for such a cheap rate that is a single duddu he became very happy as he wanted to have good and cheap food. So , the disciple continued to stay in that kingdom even after his guru’s strict warning.

According to his guru, it was not a good idea to stay in that kingdom. The guru warned the disciple that the people of that place were idiots and you could not predict their next action which could bring their life in danger. But the disciple did not pay much attention towards his guru’s words and continued enjoying the cheap food.

3 . Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court and give the reasons for their trial.

_ The people who were tried in the King’s court were __ the merchant ( the owner of the house) , the bricklayer , the dancing girl and the goldsmith.

The main reason was the death of a thief who died while stealing as the wall of the merchant’s house had collapsed on him. First, the merchant was brought to the court. But he blamed the man who had built up the wall during his father’s time. Then, the bricklayer put forward his statement. He said that while building the wall a girl with her jingling anklet distracted him and hence he lost his focus.

Then the dancing girl was tried for distracting the bricklayer. She then blamed the goldsmith and said that the goldsmith was lazy in doing the work. And he gave her dozens of excuses and that’s why she was coming up and down which distracted the bricklayer.

Then, finally, the goldsmith was brought under custody. And he clarified that it was because of the rich merchant who forced him to complete their orders as soon as possible and that’s why he was unable to do other works.

4.  Who is the real culprit according to the king? Why does he escape punishment?

_ After hearing the goldsmith statement, the dead father of the merchant was considered as the culprit. According to the King , the actual criminal was the merchant as he had took over all his father’s riches as well as his wrong deeds over years. Hence , the King announced a death sentence for the merchant.

The servants were ordered to make new stake for punishing the merchant. The servants carried out the King’s order but the merchant’s body was not fat enough to be executed on the stake. And in this way the merchant escaped from the punishment.

5 . What are the guru’s words of wisdom? When does the disciple remember them?

_  The guru after coming across the strange things in the Kingdom warned the disciple that the kingdom was full of fools and their unpredictable actions could bring their life in danger. The guru’s words of wisdom were, “ They are all fools. This won’t last long and you can’t tell what they’ll do to you next.”

Earlier the disciple did not pay attention towards his guru’s words .But one day he was arrested by the king’s men for no fault of his. He was arrested just to execute the punishment as the merchant was thin whereas he was fat enough to fit on the stake. This foolish decision of the King made the disciple remember his guru’s words of wisdom.

6 . How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?

_ During the time of death, the disciple continuously remembered his guru and asked for help . The guru through his magical powers saw what was happening and soon arrives the kingdom. Then the guru whispered something to the disciple and started arguing with the king that he should die first. The disciple understood his guru’s trick and he too started arguing with his guru. This confused the king and  he wanted to know the reason.

The guru said to the king , that the new stake was not an ordinary one . That was the stake of the god of justice. The first one to die on it would be the ruler of the kingdom in his next birth and the second one to die would be the minister. The King was not ready to loose his kingdom and hence he ordered to postpone the execution. In this way, the guru saved his disciple’s life.

Talk About it.

In Shakespeare’s plays the fool is not really foolish. If you have read or seen Shakespeare’s play such as King Lear, As You Like it, Twelfth night, you may talk about the role of the fool.

Do you know any stories in your language about wise fools, such as Tendi Rama or Gopal Bhar? You can also read about them in Ramanujan’s collection of folk tales.

_  The story of Gopal Bhar.

Gopal Bhar was born in the village of Ghurni, North of Krishna Nagar. He was famous for his in-born intelligence. He grew up by entertaining the people and was known as “Gopal the Jester”. His reputation increased around the world and soon came across the kingdom of Maharaja Krishna Chandra. Maharaja tested him in different ways and after satisfaction he was appointed as the  Court Jester.

One day , Mirzaffar, the Nawab of Bengal was returning from a campaign and decided to take rest near the town Krishna Nagar.And camped on the outskirts of the town. Co-incidentally Maharaja Krishna Chandra was performing the last rituals of his father and he offered a healthy bull to the God as appeasement. The bull was set free after the ceremony and was roaming around in Krishna Nagar. As the bull was healthy enough it attracted the Nawab and he ordered his men to catch the bull .

In the Kingdom of Fools The story of Gopal Bhar.

The news reached the Maharaja and he panicked as it was the bull which was used in the rituals of his dead father and if it was killed then his father won’t enjoy  the eternal bliss. He immediately consulted Gopal Bhar and requested him to give solution. Then Gopal Bhar went to the Nawab and started pleasing the Nawab with his flattery. Suddenly he noticed the bull and asked the Nawab about it.

Then the Nawab replied that as it was a healthy bull they are going to feast on it and he too invited Gopal Bhar for the feast.  Gopal Bhar refused to join the feast and said the Nawab that the bull scavenges through the dirty city .And do not eat grass or foliage. The Nawab felt disgusting and ordered his men to release the bull and thanked Gopal Bhar by rewarding him three gold coins. In this way Gopal Bhar helped Maharaja Krishna Chandra.