EXTRA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory || CBSE CLASS 8 ENGLISH || Honeydew

  1. Tell us about Bepin Babu’s love for books.

Ans. Bepin Babu loved reading books. It was his hobby. Every Monday, on his way from work, Bepin Babu used to drop at Kalicharan’s in New Market to buy books. He liked crimes stories, ghost stories and thrillers. At a time he bought at least five books for the whole week.

  • 2. What are the characteristics of Bepin Babu?

Ans. Bepin Babu was a book lover. He used to buy five books at a time for the whole week. He lived all alone and couldn’t mix with peoples. He had few friends and didn’t like spending time in idle chat.

  • 3. Who was looking at Bepin Babu in Book shop? When Bepin Babu did not recognise him what did he say?

Ans. A stranger with a meek looking face was looking at Bepin Babu in Book Shop.

When Bepin Babu did not recognise him, the stranger told that they had met for a whole week and he arranged a car for Bepin Babu so that he could visit Hudroo falls.

  • 4. “Do you know who I am?” Who said this? What did the person speak to answer?

Ans. This was said by Parimal Ghose.

He said this to Bepin Babu and Bepin Babu enquired whether he knew that person.

  • 5. What was Bepin Babu’s view about having gone to Ranchi?

Ans. Bepin Babu told that he had never visited Ranchi. He had planned to go over there several times, but couldn’t manage to go somehow. He thought that the person might have made a mistake.

  • 6. What information more did Parimal Ghose provide about Bepin Babu’s friend and about his trip to Ranchi?

Ans. Parimal Ghose initially told that he had met Bepin Babu in Ranchi where he helped him with a car so that he could reach to the Hudroo falls in the year of 1958. He added that he had a fall in Hudroo and got a cut on his knee. He brought iodine for him. Moreover, he had fixed up a car for Netarhat but couldn’t go due to pain.

  • 7. What did Bepin Babu say on hearing about the month of October in 1958? Why?

Ans: On hearing about the month of October 1958, Bepin Babu said that the person might have made some mistake. This is because he had spent Puja that year with a friend in Kanpur.

  • 8. What else personal information did Parimal Ghose provide about Bepin Babu’s personal life when he had been there in Ranchi trip?

Ans. Parimal Ghose said that Bepin Babu had no children and had lost his wife ten years before. He had a brother who died insanely. That was the reason he never wanted to visit the mental hospital in Ranchi.

  • 9. Where did Bepin Babu tell his driver to drive? What reflection did he have there about the Ranchi trip?

Ans. Bepin Babu told his driver to drive by the side of Ganga.

There he regretted having paid so much attention to the intruder.

10. Why Bepin Babu check his knee? What did he feel? Was it really logical?

Ans. Bepin Babu somehow started believing in that stranger. The person even gave intimate details. He told him about his wife as well as his brother. Moreover, he had got a cut on his knee previously. So, he checked that cut on his right knee.

The cut was an old one. He couldn’t remember how he got the cut. He felt distressed.

12. How responsible was Bepin Babu in his firm? How does it feel misfitting with him that he lost his memory?

Ans. Bepin Babu had a good reputation for being tireless, conscientious worker. By this way, he was quite responsible with his firm.

He was a responsible person and wasn’t aware of anything going wrong. That’s why; the idea of memory loss wasn’t fitting with him.

13.“And yet the man knew a great deal about it.”- What did he know about Bepin Babu’s personal life?

Ans. The person named Parimal Ghose knew much about Bepin Babu’s personal life. He knew about his wife who died ten years ago and had no children. His brother died insane as a result of which he was not willing to visit the mental hospital of Ranchi.

14. Where had Bepin Babu been in ’58 puja? Why couldn’t he confirm his stay there?

Ans. Bepin Babu was with a friend in Kanpur in ’58 puja.

He couldn’t confirm his stay as he went to Kanpur at his friend Haridas Bagchi’s place and Haridas had left with his wife for Japan and he didn’t even have the address.

15. Who was Dinesh Mukherji? Where did he live? Why did Bepin Babu hesitate to ask Dinesh Mukherji?

Ans. Dinesh Mukherji was the one of the friend of Bepin Babu about whom the Parimal Ghose had mentioned.

He lived in Beninandan Street.

Bepin Babu hesitated to ask as he knew Dinesh’s sarcasm.

16. Next day how did Bepin Babu feel the effect more in him about the trip to Ranchi?

Ans. Next day, Bepin Babu recalled every word that the man said. Every hour, he recalled the previous day’s encounter and the incident occupied his mind. He couldn’t think of anything else.  

17. Why did Bepin Babu decide to call Dinesh Mukherji? How was the call a better option?

Ans.  Bepin Babu decided to call Dinesh Mukherji in order to confirm whether he had been to Ranchi in October 1958.

He thought instead of visiting him, he should make a call as in that case he might think him mad and that would be ridiculous. So, he regarded the call to be a better option.

18. Which two places did Dinesh Mukherji mention in the year 1958 when he had been out?

Ans.  The places that Dinesh Mukherji mentioned places were Krishnanagar and Ranchi in the year of 1958.

19. What was the situation of Bepin Babu when Dinesh Mukherji confirmed his visit to Ranchi?

Ans. When Bepin Babu confirmed his visit to Ranchi, Bepin Babu slammed the receiver down and gripped his head with his hands. A feeling of chill had spread all over his body. He had lost his appetite. He was not in a mood to eat anything.

20.Coming back home from the office after the blow of Dinesh Mukherji, what reflection did Bepin Babu have his Ranchi Trip?

Ans. Coming back home, Bepin Babu lay down in bed and tried to gather his wits together. He couldn’t understand how he forgot that particular experience where he remembered everything except his visit to Ranchi. He felt it to be quite impossible.

21. Who was Chunilal? Why did he come? What did Bepin Babu convey through his servant?

Ans. Chunilal was a friend of Bepin Babu at his school.

Chunilal was going through tough times as a result of which he had been visiting him frequently.

Bepin Babu was quite stressed and he knew it was impossible for him to do anything. So, he conveyed the message that it was not be possible for him to do anything for Chuni.

22. Why did Bepin Babu decide to talk with Chunilal when Bepin Babu convey through his servant?

Ans. Bepin Babu decided to talk with Chunilal as he might remember about the trip to Ranchi in the year of 1958 was about to convey the message through his servant.

23. How was the reaction of Chunilal when Bepin Babu expressed his doubts about going to Ranchi?

Ans.  Chunilal was amazed after hearing Bepin Babu expressed his doubts about going to Ranchi.

24.“Bepin, have you taken to drugs or something?”- How did Bepin Babu react to it?

Ans. When Chuni asked Bepin Babu whether he had taken drugs, then Bepin Babu had to turn away from Chuni’s incredulous stare.

  • 24. Which information did Chunilal provide about his previous job that was connected to Bepin Babu’s visit to Ranchi?

Ans. Chunilal told that he had been working as a travel agent previously and Chuni himself booked the railway ticket to Ranchi for him.  He even went to the station to see him off. Moreover, one of the fans in his compartment wasn’t working and for that he brought an electrician to get it fixed.

  • 25. Who was Dr. Chanda? What request did Bepin Babu make to him? What was the opinion of the doctor about Bepin Babu’s situation?

Ans. Dr. Chanda was young physician with a pair of bright eyes and a sharp nose.

Bepin Babu requested that he should look after his condition and must cure his illness as soon as possible.

Dr. Chanda told that he had never encountered a case as such. It was completely out of his experience. He suggested that Bepin Babu should visit Ranchi once again. The sight might remind him about the trip.

  • 26. What suggestions did Bepin Babu get from Dr. Chanda? What was the logic behind this?

Ans. Dr. Chanda  suggested that Bepin Babu should visit Ranchi once again. The sight might remind him about the trip. As he had forgotten the entire episode due to some reason, so visiting that place might help in remembering the incidents.

  • 27. Which medicines did Dr. Chanda prescribe and why? What did Bepin Babu do after the breakfast next morning?

Ans.Dr. Chanda prescribed a nerve tonic and a tranquiliser. This is because in that case sleep was the most essential thing.

The next morning after breakfast, he rang up his office. He provided instructions and procured a first class ticket for Ranchi for the same evening.

  • 28. Landing on Ranchi, which places did Bepin Babu go? Did he remember anything?

Ans. After getting off the train, he took a taxi and visited Morabadi hill but couldn’t n’t find the slightest acquaintance. Later, he decided to visit the Hudroo falls.

No, he couldn’t remember anything rather felt that he had never visited the place.

  • 29. Why did Bepin Babu decide to go to Hudroo falls? Why did he go unconscious over there? Why did he say ‘I am finished? There is no hope left.”

Ans. Bepin Babu decided to go to Hudroo falls because Parmal Ghose had mentioned that Bepin Babu got hurt over there.

He went unconscious over there as he was stressed out. He couldn’t remember anything about the Ranchi trip. It seemed as if it was the first time he visited Ranchi.

He said so as he thought he would never be able get rid of his illness.

  • 30. What Bepin Babu feel after returning from Ranchi?

Ans. Bepin Babu felt hopeless. He felt that he would be losing everything very soon. He thought he would lose his work, confidence, ability and balance of mind.

  • 31. What was in the letter?

Ans. The letter was written by Chunilal. There he mentioned that he was in trouble and needed money badly, but then he didn’t get any help from his friend, Bepin. So, in order to teach him a lesson, Chunilal had planned everything. Moreover, he had written a novel and he had sent it to a publisher and if he likes it, he would have no trouble for the next few months.

  • 32. Why did Bepin Babu tell to Dr. Chanda? What was the reaction of Dr. Chanda over it?

Ans. Bepin Babu told that he was fine and remembered everything soon after he got off the train.

He considered it to be a ‘unique case’. He even decided wrote about it in a medical journal.

  • 33. Consider Satyajit Ray as a master storyteller.

Ans. Satyajit Ray is a master storyteller. The way he portrayed each and every character of the story is really fantastic. Bepin Babu, a hardworking man, was made to believe that he had been suffering from memory loss. Chunilal, the school friend of Bepin Babu, tried to teach a lesson to Bepin Babu, for not helping him with his job. He utilised his wits and planned everything neatly. He was able to confuse Bepin Babu and ultimately taught him a lesson.

  • 34. Write in your words about how Chunilal planned and executed the punishment?

Ans.  Chunilal had planned everything neatly. He fitted a man named Parimal Ghose, whom Bepin Babu didn’t know about. He was made to tell that he had met Bepin Babu in Ranchi in the year of 1958 during the puja. He even told intimate details about Bepin Babu. Chunilal had got the information that Haridas along with his wife had left for Japan a few weeks ago. So, it became easier for him to execute the plan. After his mission was accomplished, he went to him and again told that he knew about Bepin Babu’s Ranchi Trip. He even suggested him to consult with a specialist doctor.