Extra Questions And Answers of Taro’s Reward || CBSE CLASS 6 ENGLISH || HoneySuckle ||


1.    Where
did Taro live? What work did he do? How much would he earn?

Ans. Taro lived on a
lonely hillside.
He was a woodcutter.
He earned a very a little amount of money.

2.    How
much did he love his parents?

Ans. Taro loved his
parents very much. He wanted to provide his parents with everything they required.

3.    What
happened in one cold evening? What did Taro’s father wish to have?

Ans. One cold
evening, while Taro was sitting in a corner of the hut, a cold wind passed by
and his father started to shiver.
Taro’s father wished
to have a cup of sake which would make him warm.

4.    How
did Taro feel sad when he was unable to provide sake? What did he plan to do?

Ans. Taro felt sad
when he was unable to provide sake as they were very poor, so they couldn’t
afford to buy sake.
He planned to work
even harder so that he could provide his father with sake and make him warm and
feel good.

5.    Next
morning how did Taro make more effort to earn more money?

Ans. Next morning,
Taro woke up earlier and went to the forest. He chopped wood and worked on.
This made him warm as well as thirsty. But he didn’t stop. He continued to

6.    Why
did Taro take off his jacket? What did Taro wish about his father?

Ans. Taro worked
really hard. He was chopping wood and didn’t stop. This made him sweat a lot
and ultimately took off his jacket.
Taro wished of making
his father have a cup of sake so that he would feel warm.

7.    Why
did Taro stop chopping wood? Was it known for him?

Ans. Taro stopped
chopping wood because he was very thirsty. Moreover, he heard of rushing water
and went towards it.
Taro didn’t know
about the rushing water in that forest.

8.    On
following the sound what did Taro find and where?

Ans. On following the
sound, Taro found a beautiful waterfall behind a rock.

9.    To
quench his thirst when he drank water what surprising thing did Taro find?

Ans. Taro was very
thirsty, so to quench his thirst when he drank the water, he found that it
tasted like that of sake.

10. What did Taro fill
in his pitcher and why?

Taro filled the sake in his pitcher so that he could make his father have the
sake and make him warm.

11. How did Taro’s
father react after drinking the liquid?

Taro’s father was extremely delighted. After he drank the sake, he stopped
shivering immediately.

12. That afternoon
what did Taro and his father share with the neighbour? (write both)

That afternoon Taro and his father shared the sake with the neighbour. Not only
that, they also informed them about the place as well as the magical waterfall.

13. What did the
neighbour do after leaving the house of Taro?

The neighbour spread the information of the sake and the magical waterfall
throughout the village.

14. Why did the whole
village turn up to the house of Taro?

The whole village turned up to the house of Taro in the greed of sake.

15. Next morning when
did Taro visit the waterfall? What did he carry then? Why?

Next morning, Taro visited the waterfall quite early in the morning.
carried the largest pitcher with him, so that he could bring more sake for his

16. On reaching the
waterfall what surprising thing did Taro notice?

On reaching the waterfall, Taro noticed that all the villagers had come over
there with their pitchers, jars and buckets.

17. What shock did
one of the villagers get when he tasted the water?

When one of the villagers tasted the water, he found it to be normal water and
not sake.

18. Being angry what did
the villagers want to do with Taro? How was Taro wise at this moment?

Being angry, the villagers wanted to drown Taro into the waterfall.
saw this behind a rock and didn’t come out. By this way, Taro was wise at that

19. How did the
villagers leave the place? What confusion did Taro have then?

The villagers were disappointed and angry and by muttering left the place.
this incident, Taro was confused. He thought it to be a dream.

20. When Taro tasted
the water back what did he discover? How was his experience different from Taro?

Taro tasted the water and to his surprise discovered that it tasted like sake
experience was different than others. When others tasted, it was nothing but
cold water, but later, when Taro tasted, he found it to be sake.

21. How did the
Emperor of Japan reward Taro and why?

The Emperor of Japan rewarded Taro with twenty pieces of gold. This is because
he was so kind and good not only towards his family but also towards his

22. What do you learn
from the story?

The story encourages all the children to honour and obey their parents.