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1. When and how long did Jack move
with the habit of storytelling? How far do you think it is tough to continue
for years?

A: Jack was accustomed to narrating stories for
his daughter Jo in the evenings and on Saturday naps. He has begun this custom
of storytelling to his daughter when she was two years old and continued till
two years.

    For the
long-run to continue storytelling for years should have been difficult for Jack
who relied upon the same story plot and slight little changes.


2. What is the basic plot of the
story that runs with slight variation?

A: Jack constructed every new story with a slight variation on the basis of a basic tale which included a small creature named
Roger who faced problems and got advised by a wise owl to meet the Wizard who
performed magic spells to solve Roger’s problem and demanded compensation in


3. How far do you think this
variation helps Jack in making new stories?

A: Jack described his character, Roger, to be a small creature with slight variations in their names and the story continues as
usual but it became difficult for jack to keep narrating his stories on
Saturday as Jo slept at late night and he continued repeating the same the storyline with little changes until Jo fall asleep.   


4. How far do you think with the growing age of Jo telling story for naps would prove futile?

A: Jo developed the habit of listening to Jack’s
new stories based on the same storyline for two years and now Jack thought this
custom to be futile as Jo would recognize the story plot easily and Jack had to
put efforts into changing his story with slight variations.


5. How did the author reflect a big
Jo who is with more complications than her brother in naps?

A: Bobby, Jo’s brother who was an infant of two
years used to fall asleep quickly with his milk bottle but as Jo grew up, she
would rather be interested in listening to stories for long at the night and
squeezed her eyes shut but smiled at the same time.


6. Which animal did Jo suggest this
time? How did she get to know about the animal? How did this fresh hero
encourage Jack?

A: Jo suggested Skunk be the new animal character
in her story told by Jack.

heard about Skunk which was discussed by her teacher when she attended her
nursery school.

never mentioned Skunk in his story before and as suggested by Jo, Jack was
excited to pick Skunk as the fresh hero so he could add some extra lines to his
mundane story plot.  


7. What was the trouble with Jo?
How did Jack find his own part in Roger Skunk?

A: Jo developed a strong habit of listening to
stories, and as she grew older she did not sleep in nap times.

When Jack started to narrate the story of Shrunk
he recalled back his childhood when he was humiliated by his friends just like
the animal Shrunk, who was left alone by all other animals in the forest.   


8. How did Jo go emotional with
Roger Shrunk?

A: Roger Skunk was left alone in the forest
because he smelled awful and two little rounds of tears would run down from his
eyes. This situation reflected the pain of Roger Skunk and Jo would sympathize
with him as she wanted something positive to happen in Skunk’s life.


9. How was Jo a nag to Jack while
telling the story?

A: Jo was well acquainted with every
corner of the story and as Jack proceeded forward into the story, Jo would make
suggestions quickly as if the story being foretold. These little interruptions
would annoy Jack and he felt uneasy in constructing the rest of the story.


10. Where was Jack’s wife? What
was she doing? How was the situation of dual attention an irritating one for

Jack’s wife Clare was downstairs in their living room.

She engaged herself in the job of painting their living room woodwork.

Jack, on one hand, was trying to find suitable additions to his story but
he was annoyed with Jo’s behaviour of over curiousness and on the other side,
he has to be attentive towards Clare who was pregnant and she was painting the
walls. So, Jack’s dual attention irritated him.


11. What happened when Roger Skunk
went to Mr Owl? How did Jo interrupt at this point of time?

A: Roger Skunk walked into the woods
and he noticed the wise old owl in the tiptop of a tree. Then Skunk went out
for help to the owl who also complained to Skunk about his bad smell.

Jo shouted anxiously about the wizard and sat upright thus interrupting
the story at this point of time.


12. How did Jo pester Jack and
Clare asking about ‘reality’? How did Jack answer her question?

 A: Jo would persistently
request Jack and Clare to clarify the doubts in her thoughts. If Jack or Clare
would say something to little Jo then she would run immediately to the later
one for the confirmation.

This time Jo was confused if God was real and she
asked the same to Jack. Jack would reply curtly as Gods were real in


13. What did the owl say to Rogers

 A: Jack would miss a beat in
his narrative as Jo interrupted him frequently. As the story continued, the owl
told Skunk to meet the wizard near the crick through the dark woods.


14. What happened when Roger Skunk
went to the wizard? How did Jack manipulate the wizard’s voice?

A: Roger Skunk found a little white house near
the crick and he rapped on the door. A tiny old man with a white beard and a
pointed blue hat came outside and asked Skunk about his misery though he
complained about Skunk’s smell.

scrunched up his face and whined through his eyes to reflect the voice and the character of the old wizard which delivered a sense of rheumy for that


15. What did Jo and Jack talk about
the cleanliness of the wizard?

A: Jack told that inside the house of the wizard
there was a heap of magical instruments jumbled together which was quite dusty
because there was no cleaning lady. Jo wanted to know why wasn’t there any
cleaning lady and to that Jack answered that for an old wizard there was no
cleaning lady available.


16. How did the wizard solve the
issue of Roger Skunk?

A: To help Skunk get rid of its bad
odour, the wizard cast a magic spell in the ears of Skunk and after a while, the
wizard’s room was full of the fragrance of roses which came from the body of
the Skunk. Hence, the wizard fulfilled the Skunk’s desire.


17. How did Jo react after the wizard
used his spell? How did she resemble her mother? How did Jo corrected father at
this point of Roger?

A: Jo gave a rapt expression by widening out her
nostril and forcing her eyebrows up with pulling her lower lip down her lip in
a noiseless grin after she heard about the magic spell.

Jo’s rapt expression resembled just like her
mother when she shows feigning pleasure at cocktail parties.

Jo was a keen listener, as soon as her father
uttered a mistake by telling Roger Fish, Jo corrected him.


18. How did the wizard solve the
issue of money of Roger Skunk? How was Roger Skunk welcomed by the other

A: The wizard showed a way to Skunk to get three
pennies. The Skunk needed to go to the end of the lane and turn around three
times then if the Skunk looks down in the magic well he would found three

Roger Skunk was smelling beautiful and so he was
welcomed by all other animals. All of them played games the whole afternoon and
had a good time together until it was evening.


19. How did Jo take the story to be
granted before it was finished and how did Jack take this attitude?

A: After Skunk returned home in the evening, Jo
thought that the story had ended and so she started to fuss with her hands and
looked out of the window, this attitude of Jo was disliked by his father
because he wanted women to remain apprehensive and hang on his words rather
than taking it for granted.


20. How did Roger Skunk’s mommy
react with the changed smell of Roger Skunk? What did she decide to do then?

A: Roger Skunk’s mommy did not like the fragrance
of the roses that came from Roger and called it as an awful odour.

She said to Roger that a Skunk should smell just
like the other Shunk’s do and so they are going back to that wizard to reverse
the magic spell that was cast on Roger which made him smell like roses.


21. How does Jo react to the twist in
the story? How did mother Skunk change back the smell?

A: When Jo heard about the twist in the story, she
suddenly sat up dabbling her hands up in the air and tried to defend the Skunk.

Mother Skunk took her baby back to the wizard and
told him to reverse his spell so that Roger would smell like before. The wizard
agreed and Roger was returned his old odour.


22. How did Jo stop her father from
telling the story? How did she even try to manipulate the story?

A:  Jack wanted to twist the story to reflect a positive thought but on other
hand, Jo was in the favour of Roger skunk and believed in a  fantasy fiction ending which was quite
unacceptable for her dad.

Jo as the child would support Roger Skunk and wanted Skunk’s mommy to be
hit by the wizard but Jack as her father wanted something very different out of
that and as a result, Jo tried to manipulate the story.


23. How was Jack rigid with his
story? What was the last part of the story?

 A:  Jack was adamant and vehemently supported
Skunk’s Mommy’s idea to revert the magic
spell of the wizard and as an adult, he kept on praising maternal love over
otherworldly powers. So he stuck to the plan of completing the story in
his way.

         The magic spell got reverted, Skunk
with his mommy, went back to their house and waited for Skunk’s daddy to
arrive home from Boston. They had prepared the dinner with lima beans, celery,
liver, mashed potatoes. In the end, Skunk went to his bed and before he slept
he got hugged by his mommy.


24. How did mother Skunk soothe
Roger Skunk about his disadvantage?

Mother Skunk wanted him to be real about his identity and told him, she
would love him the most though others feared him for his bad smell. This
enlightened Skunk’s mind and he kept loving his mom as he usually does. Thus,
Mommy Skunk soothed Skunk about his disadvantage.


25. How did Jack with rudeness put
Jo, to sleep?

 A:  Jo addressed Skunk’s mommy to be a stupid
woman which offended Jack mostly as he wanted to reflect his childhood through
this story. Jo even tried to manipulate him over and over to change the ending
of the story and complete it on her way. Jack denied her childish complaints
and with rudeness put her back to sleep.


26.How defending Roger Skunk’s
mother was defending his own mother?

 A:  With love and care, Mommy Skunk protected her
child and acted accordingly as parents do but Jo complained of Mommy Skunk
being rude towards her ward on changing his body smell to roses. Jack denied
her complaints as if his own mother’s character was reflected in mommy Skunk
and Jack supported the idea of parental care to be above all magic spells.


27. What point did Jo force to stay
on and how did Jack explain his stand to her?

Jo expected the wizard to hit Skunk’s Mommy as she wanted to revert the
magic spell from her son, Roger Skunk. But Jack assured Jo of his denial to
change the track of the story by enforcing maternal love and supporting Mommy
Skunk’s character till the last.


28. How was Jo a serious rebel this
time? Did Jack accept this feminism?

 A: Jo was
unsatisfied by the ending of the story and wanted  Mommy Skunk to be hit by the wizard. She
turned insane and started to crouch on the top of the pillow covers. She wanted
to end the story in her way and was continuously nagging for it.

At first, Jack refused to end the
story the way Jo wanted but when she was getting furious and to make her
sleep, Jack avoided the ending of the story and told Jo to take rest.


29. Reaching down what did he see?

A: When Jack went down he saw his wife stroking
the chair rail with a dipped brush in paints. She wore an old shirt from Jack
and spread the newspaper around her for the paint cans.


30. Seeing his wife at work with
half tan and half ivory what awkward feeling did Jack have?

A: Seeing his wife Clare, working
with the paints, Jack felt caught in an ugly middle position and although he
and his wife was in the same house jack did not want to speak, work and even
touch her belongings.




1. How does the story reflect the
hard aspects of storytelling?

A: The story “Should wizard hit the
Mommy” reflects the trouble of a father who had to create new stories
every day. Jack narrates a story to her daughter since she was a two-year-old
baby. In every story, Jack would make a slight variation and moreover, his
stories would revolve around the main character named Roger, who would always
be advised by a wise old to ask help from an old wizard. Jack tries to give a
happy ending to the stories for making Jo happy.

The story portrays Jack’s patience when Jo used
to make interruptions and ask silly questions while Jack narrates a story.
Although it makes him offtrack and while resuming he would forget the character’s
identity. Jack also tried to tell a story related to his childhood through
Roger Skunk. He tried his best to create a new story every day and he goes on
adding up things in his stories until Jo falls asleep.


2. How does the story an example of
Male domination over feminism?

A: This story sets an example of male domination
over feminism through the character of Jack and his behaviour towards Jo and
Clare. Jo was well known to Jack’s old storytelling habit and any suggestions
made by      Jo to his storytelling would
agonize him and Jack replied in a bitter tone. As the story proceeds, we found
out the complex nature of Jack towards women. Jack liked apprehensive women who
hang upon his words and disliked those who took him for granted. So, Jack
thought him as the centre of importance among women.

At the end of the story, he got frequently
annoyed with the childish complaints made by Jo against his storyline. He
reacted very aggressively on establishing points to his innocent child and even
a sense of agitation was perceived as Jack found his duties and
responsibilities to be boredom as Jo grew up. We found Jack to be less patient
and less responsive to household works. Clare, on the other hand, being
pregnant engaged herself in painting the house under drastic conditions while
Jack remained upstairs narrating his childhood memories in a story. Thus,  cruelty and carelessness towards womanhood in
modern society are reflected in Jack’s character.


3. How does the story of Roger
Skunk is linked with that of out Jack?

A: Jack, the protagonist of the story introduced
a new animal in his story to narrate Jo. The new animal was a Skunk, a small
creature that emitted a foul a smell. The story of Skunk was a bit different
from Jack’s regular stories because he put his bitter childhood memories
through Skunk.

The one and only urge of the Skunk was to play
with all other small animals but he was bullied because of his foul smell and
was always left alone. This story made Jack recall his past when he faced the
same situation as that of little Skunk. He remembered when he had to face
humiliation by his friends and was left all alone. Jack tried to show the love
of his mother through Mommy Skunk who loved his baby very much and wanted back
the same stinky smell of the Skunks back in baby Skunk, which turned into the
fragrance of roses by the magic spell of a wizard. When Jo was not satisfied
with the ending of the story and nagged to change it, Jack started to defend
the Mommy Skunk as he was trying to defend his own mother and denied the idea
of changing the story because he believed that Mommy was more important than
friends for Skunk.


4. “Duty and responsibility
makes a man bitter for want of freedom and aspirations not fulfilled”-

A: Jack was a husband and a father of three
children, but beyond his personal life he also had a professional life and it
seems that it was very hard for him to balance in both the cases. Jack used to
get tried when he returned home but he had to tell stories to her daughter Jo
until she sleeps. Jack found it very difficult to tell every day a new story
with his creativity so he used to tell stories with a slight variation and
revolve  around a protagonist named

As we proceed in the story we can find out that
Jack remains unaware of his responsibilities of the household necessities which
made Clare paint the door walls alone in maternity stage. Jack was so absent-minded that he forgot to help his wife, who was working downstairs. His daily
working schedule made him rude that he acted bitterly with his daughter when
she nagged for an innocent desire to end the story in her way. Jack had a
dominating personality with strong dislikings towards those women who take him
for granted and wants women to hang upon his words. He was unable to get time
for himself which could probably the reason for his abrupt nature.