1.   How did the author
find Tricki on the street?

Ans. Tricki was with his mistress. He found
him to be hugely fat like a bloated sausage and his eyes were bloodshot and
rheumy. His tongue lolled from his jaws.


What excuse did Mrs. Pumphrey give on seeing the surgeon?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey said
that Tricki had been listless and had no energy, so she thought that he might
be suffering from malnutrition. That’s why she provided him extra foods like
some malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of horlicks in between the meals.


What did the doctor say about sweet things? What did Mrs.
Pumphrey reply to sweet things?

Ans. The doctor advised
Mrs. Pumphrey to cut down sweet things. Mrs. Pumphrey replied that Tricki loved
cream cakes and chocolates, so she couldn’t stop Tricki from eating those sweet


What was the relation of the dog and food?

Ans.  The dog used to love to eat food. He never
refused food.


With a severe tone what did the doctor advise?

Ans. The doctor advised that if Mrs. Pumphrey
wouldn’t cut down the food and if exercise was not provided to him, then he
would fall severely ill. Moreover, he told to prepare a strict diet for the

How did Mrs. Pumphrey react to the advice of the doctor?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey agreed with Mrs. Pumphrey
but she found it to be very difficult though it seemed that she would be strict
on the dog.

Tell us about Tricki’s dress and harness?

Ans. Tricki had a
wardrobe full of coats suitable for all weathers. He was wearing a tweed coat.
He struggled and drooped in his harness.


What had been the characteristics of sickness for the dog when
Mrs.Pumphrey called the doctor?

Ans. When Mrs. Pumphrey called the doctor,
Tricki had not been eating anything. He even refused to take his favourite
dishes and had bouts of vomiting. He spent his time lying on the rug and
panted. He refused to go for walks.

What plan did the doctor have and how did the lady react to

Ans. The doctor had a plan.
He decided to hospitalise Tricki for a fortnight as he believed that the dog
would be cured only when he would be taken away from home.

Mrs. Pumphrey almost
swooned. She thought that the dog would pine and die if he would not see his

10. Which things did the
staff and maids of Mrs. Pumphrey plan to send Tricki? Did the doctor carry?
Why? Why not?

Ans. The
staff and maids of Mrs. Pumphrey planned to send Tricki’s day bed, night bed,
favourite cushions, toys, rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl and supper

No, the
doctor didn’t carry those things as he realised that all those things would not
hold in his car.

11.While going out of the house of Mrs.
Pumphrey, what did the doctor notice?

Ans.  While going out of the house of Mrs. Pumphrey,
the doctor noticed that Mrs. Pumphrey threw an armful of the little coats and
everybody was in tears.

12. What did Mr. Herriot tell to Tricki when he saw him in the

Ans. Mr. Herriot told
Tricki that he was not having the kick in him but he knew the cure for him.

13.How did the other dog react on seeing Tricki for the first

Ans.  The other dogs sniffed around him for some
time and after that found him to be uninteresting and then started to ignore

14.What arrangements did Mr. Herriot make for the stay of

Ans. Mr. Herriot prepared
a bed for him in a warm loose box beside the other dogs.

15. How did gradually Tricki start improving?

Ans. For the first few
days, Tricki was given no food but plenty of water. After the second day, the
dog began to show some interest in his surroundings and on the next day, he
started to whimper when he heard the other dogs. By this way, his situation
started to improve.

16.What steps did Mr. Herriot take to cure Tricki of his

Ans. In the beginning,
Mr. Herriot provided no food to Tricki. He was given plenty of water. After two
days, he began to show some interest. He was allowed to stay with the other
dogs and gradually he was given more food. He fought and played with the other
dogs and no medicinal treatment was required.

17.What activities did Tricki do with other dogs?

Ans.  Tricki used to eat the food with the other
dogs. They had a competition while eating. He ran all day with the other dogs.
He became a member of the dog gang and they used to go for the rat hunt at

18.How did Mrs. Pumphrey keep news of Tricki? How did Mr.
Herriot handle her over telephone calls?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphery hovered
in the background and asked the doctor every after a while about Tricki’s
latest information.

Each time Mrs. Pumphrey
called Mr. Herriot, he would dodge her questions and told her that the dog was
out of danger and he was convalescing rapidly.


19.How did the word ‘convalescing’ bring a change in Mrs.

Ans. When Mrs. Pumphrey
heard that Tricki was ‘convalescing’, she started to bring fresh eggs, two
dozen at a time. Later, she even brought wine and brandy.

20.How did the household enjoy the egg, wine and brandy sent by
Mrs. Pumphrey ?

Ans.  When Mrs. Pumphrey sent eggs, wine and brandy
for the dog, the doctor and his partners used to eat two eggs each for the
breakfast. Later, when wine and brandy arrived, lunch became a ceremonialoccasion for them.

21.Why was there a ‘Temptation’ about keeping Tricki as a
permanent guest?

Ans. There was a
Temptation’ about keeping Tricki as a permanent guest as the doctor and his
partners had been enjoying those eggs, wine and brandy that were sent for

22.How did Mrs. Pumphrey take Tricki back? How was her emotion

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey
brought a car and took Tricki back home.

She was extremely happy after
seeing Tricki. She had tears on her eyes and was thankful towards Mr. Herriot.

23.What things were sent with Tricki by Mrs. Pumphrey?  Were those used? Why? Why not?

Ans. Tricki was sent with
beds, toys, cushions, coats and bowls.

No, nothing was used by
Tricki as Mr. Herriot had made the arrangements beforehand. He kept the dog in
a warm loose box and Tricki used to play with the other dogs, so nothing was

24.Why did Mrs. Pumphrey say at last “Triumph of Surgery”?

Ans.  Mrs. Pumphrey said ‘Triumph of Surgery
because it was like a victory. The doctor was able to cure Tricki. She was very
worried as Tricki had been refusing to eat, had bloodshot and rheumy eyes. When
the doctor told that he had to be hospitalised, she thought that Tricki would
pine and die without her. But, it didn’t happen as he was cured.

25.Consider the story to be a didactic one.

Ans. The story ‘A Triumphof surgery’ by James Herriot is a didactic one. It shows that excess in
anything is never good. Mrs. Pumphrey used to overfeed her dog, which made him
sick. She loved and pampered him a lot as a result of which she failed to take
strict actions against him. She even didn’t take him for walks and let him do
the exercises. This made him lazy.


26.How is the character of Mrs. Pumphrey a common in today’s

Ans. Mrs Pumphrey is a
common character in today’s society. Nowadays, the parents pamper a lot for
their child and as a result of which fails to take any strict decisions
regarding their child. They provide their child everything they want and by
doing this hampers the future of their child.

27.How does the story mock our instinct of the present society?

Ans. The story mocks our instinct
of the present society. The parents of the present days pamper a lot for their
child. This makes the child disobedient. The parents fail to take strict
actions against them as a result of which the child becomes spoilt. This also
hampers the future of the child.