Extra Questions And Answers of The Enemy || CBSE CLASS 12, English Core || VISTAS ||


1. Tell us about the house and the
surroundings of Sadao Haki’s house.
A:  The
story portrays Sadao Haki’s house to be situated in the coastal area of Japan.
His house was built with stone in square form and had a narrow beach outlined
with bent pines where Sadao used to climb the pines in his childhood. Sadao and
his father often used to visit the islands of South seas.
2. How did Sadao reflect his
childhood memory of his house and  his
A: During Sadao’s childhood, he spent his time
climbing coconut trees with his bare feet. His stone house was set upon rocks
above a narrow beach outlined with bent pines. Sadao along with his father had
visited the islands of south seas which his father mentioned as stepping stones
for future Japan.
3. What had been the role of
Sadao’s father in shaping his future?
A: From childhood, Sadao’s mind was occupied with
activities that his father taught him. He spent all his time listening to his
father for whom Sadao’s education was a chief concern. His father wanted him to
be a surgeon and as a result, he was sent to America for his study in medicine.

4. How was Sadao a successful
person in his profession?
A: His father’s utmost dedication towards Sadao’s
learning helped him to pursue his study for surgery and medicine in America at
the age of twenty- two. By thirty, Sadao had returned to Japan not only as a
successful surgeon but also as a scientist who was perfecting a discovery on
rendering wounds entirely clean. So, it is cleared that behind Sadao to be a
successful person his father had a big helping hand.
5. Why was Sadao kept in his
country and was not sent with the troops?
A: Sadao returned to Japan as a successful and
famous surgeon. At the time of war, the old general was terribly sick and
needed proper medical assistance which could be supervised under a successful
surgeon. So, he was selfish enough not to send Sadao with the troops to serve
at the war front.
6.Describe the evening- foggy and
misty atmosphere.
A: Nature creates a romantic atmosphere in the
evening, forgetting all the pain it endures during the war. The evening sky was
hidden behind the heavy fog and cold waves which seems to have risen from the
ocean. It was due to the war situation that there was a huge amount of mist
spread around the outline of the island and it looks like the fog would cover
up the whole island including Sadao’s house. In that weather, Sadao and his wife
were sitting near the shore and enjoying the beauty of that evening.
7. How did Sadao meet Hana? How
were the American professor and his wife?
A: Sadao went to America for higher studies and
there he meets Hana at the American professor’s house and they fall in love
with each other. They got married in Japan in a
traditional custom with the blessings of Sadao’s father.
American professor and his wife were kind people and they were anxious to help
out Sadao and Hana, their foreign students. Although the rooms of the
professor’s house were too small and the food cooked by his wife was not at
all good still Sadao had to stay there and learn from the professor.

8. How was the bond of love between
Sadao and Hana even after many years?
A: Sadao and Hana meet each other in America at
the professor’s house and got married in Japan after completing their studies.
It had been years since they were married and they also had two children but
still, their love was as tender and fresh as it was earlier. Sadao can feel
Hana’s hand on his arm and he gets a great pleasure to spend time with her.
9. How were Sadao and Hana mature
about their marriage?
A: Sadao knew that his father would only accept a
girl who is pure in her race, i.e the girl should be Japanese. Before falling
in love with Hana, Sadao made sure that she was Japanese.  Both of them fall for each other but they did
n’t marry in America, after completing their studies both of them returned
Japan and when Sadao’s father saw Hana and approved her only then they got
married in traditional Japanese custom.
10. What did Sadao and Hana
suddenly see at the sea-shore? What guess did they make?
A: When Sadao and Hana were enjoying a beautiful
evening suddenly they saw that something black came up from the mist and it was
moving towards them. They could not make out clearly as the mist had hidden the
man, which made it impossible to identify him.
   After a
few moments, Sadao and Hana saw that the man was crawling and he finally fall
on his face there in the sea-shore. Sadao guessed that the person there could
be a fisherman who had been washed away from his boat and thrown off in the
11. Give a description of the man
when Sadao and Hana first found.
A: Sadao and Hana, while they were enjoying their
evening, found out a human body like structure outlined against the mist. He
was very feeble and was crawling in his knees. The man who came out of the mist
started walking towards them as he was badly torn and needed urgent help. Sadao
noticed that the sand around him had been drenched in blood.
12. What did expert Sadao learn
about the wound?
A: The man laid motionless in the sand and
noticing him Sadao with haste moved out to look after him. Sadao found that blood
had flowed freshly on his finger’s touch and he examined that the man had a
gunshot wound at his lower back which was reopened due to slamming against the
hard rocks.
13. How did Sadao stop the
A: Both Sadao and Hana noticed that the white-man
had been badly wounded and immediately Doctor Sadao approached him with a sense
of providing medical assistance. Sadao on finding the gunshot wound reopened,
with his expert hands packed the wound with sea moss but the man mourned in
pain and remained unconscious.
14. What description made it clear
that the beach was a lonely one.
A: The weather was quite foggy and mist had
screened the island completely. Sadao noticed that there were no passers-by at
this time and he remembered that the fishermen had gone home and even the
beachcombers had considered the day at an end. The weather was cloudy and the
white man laid unconscious in the sand.

15. What had been initial reactions
of Sadao and Hana about white man’s fate?
A: Both Sadao and Hana were in fear of being
arrested if they would assist the man medically. Suddenly Sadao took his
battered cap which had faint lettering and found out him to be a sailor of an
American battleship and concluded that he was a prisoner of war who had escaped
the facility and got wounded. 
16. What duality did Sadao and Hana
have about the man at the sea beach?
A: Sadao found out the man had escaped the prison
facility and had landed unconscious at the beach. They were in a state of
dilemma, whether to put the man back into the sea or assist him medically in
their house. Sadao felt pity at the innocent face of the man and thought of
providing medical aid to him rather than handing him to the police.
17. How did he become sure about
the white man’s being American and prisoner of war?
A: Approaching towards the man, Sadao saw that he
had a white face and his hairs were yellow in colour with rough beards. Sadao
is well-known to the American culture and easily identified the man to be an
American. It was when Sadao put up the man’s battered cap there he found that
the white man was a sailor of American battleship and he had escaped the
facilities as he was a prisoner of war.
18. What adverse thought connected
to servants and children came up their mind if they shelter the white man?
A: Sadao and Hana were in a state of dilemma,
thinking of what should be done to the man. They were neither able to throw him
back in the sea not hand over him to the police. So, they decided to take the
man home, and if the servants ask about him, they would answer that when the
man would be cured they would hand him over to the police. At the same time
Sadao and Hana worried about the safety of their two children, because of
sheltering a prisoner of war in the home.
19. At last on what pretext did
Sadao and Hana decide to bring the  white
man back?
A: All Americans were Sadao’s enemy but at that
moment Sadao had made a crucial decision about saving the white man’s life
rather than turning him back into the sea because as a doctor, Sadao knows no
nationality and would help anybody irrespective of their race and culture. So,
Sadao made a point to Hana for saving his enemy’s life as he was wounded badly
and brought him to their house.
20. How unhealthy and sick was the
white man?
A: After they agreed to bring him into their
house, the white man got lifted by Sadao and Hana together. His arms were
hanging around as if he was malnourished and he looked like a fowl that had
been starved for a long time. His thin and light weighted body is being compared
to that with the fowl which has only feathers and skeleton.

21. Tell us about Sadao’s father’s
A: The white man was kept in an empty bedroom
that had belonged to Sadao’s father and had not been put to use since his
death. They had laid the white man on a deeply matted floor as Sadao’s old man
never used a chair nor slept in a foreign bed. It had been a traditional
Japanese room and had wall cupboards from where Hana took out a flowered silk
quilt for the white man. 
22. How did they decide to inform
the servants? How had been their reactions?
A: The white man was dirty and Sadao wanted to
provide him medical assistance by washing him off the dirt and cleaning the
wounded area. As a result, both Hana and Sadao required their servants due to this
Hana went to find Yumi, and Sadao informed the others about the medical
found out that none of the servants wanted to help him as he was an American.
They were doubtful and superstitious as if helping the white man could have
brought bad luck to them. In fact, Yumi had displayed a racist tone over this
matter as she completely denied Hana for cleaning up the white man.
23. Why did Sadao decide to operate
on the white man?
A: Sadao noticed the utter pallor of the man’s
unconscious face and immediately Sadao went to feel his pulse. Sadao checked
the pulses have fainted and Sadao had put his hand against the man’s cold
breast and found out his heart was yet alive. So, in this critical situation
Sadao decided to operate on the white man.
24. Why did Sadao say that the
white man will die in any way?
A: Doctor Sadao through his several years of
medical experience observed that the white man was young and had an
extraordinary vitality though he was suffering from cold, starvation and pain
due to the wound got reopened but he would rather die if he was not provided
the medical aid quickly as his heartbeat had fainted.
25. Why was Hana afraid to be in the presence of the
white man? How could she later stay with him alone?
A: Sadao and Hana brought the white
man into their house for helping him with his injuries but at one moment Hana
was left alone with the white man in the empty bedroom. She was afraid of the
white man as this was her very first moment where she came into contact with a wounded
white man and moreover, Sadao left her alone to bring his tools for operation.

Hana told Yumi to fetch the hot water and clean up the white man but
with a fierce look of resistance, Yumi denied to work on that and had returned
to her work. So, in an utterly hopeless situation, Hana decided to stay strong and
kept herself busy in the process to clean up the wounded helpless man.
26.Discuss the different views of
Hana and Yumi about washing the white man?
A: Sadao Haki had assigned his wife
Hana to clean up the wound of the white man but Hana was a bit afraid to be
left alone with the stranger while she washed him up. So, Hana decided to give
Yumi the job to clean the man which Yumi had denied with a fierce look of
resistance and she was stubborn not to help her enemy at any cost even if he
was wounded badly. As a result, Hana took the job by herself and decided to
wash the man as Sadao would soon operate on him.

27. How did Hana wash the white man?
What else did she reflect about the man?
A: Hana untied the knotted rugs and
Yumi had brought the steaming hot water. As a result, Hana used a clean towel to
wash the man’s face carefully. While she was cleaning him up, Hana observed that
the man was very blond when he was a child.

Hana noticed the man’s skin was rough but had fine texture. As he was no
longer a child, Hana kept washing until his upper body was quite clean but dared
not to turn him over.
28. How did Sadao prepare to operate
on the body of the enemy? How in a futile manner did Hana try to save the floor
A: Dr.Sadao was quite determined to
operate the white man. As a result, Sadao came inside the bedroom fully
prepared. He had put on his surgical coat and had brought the surgeon’s emergency bag along
with him. In meantime, he had unfolded a sterilized towel upon the tokonoma
alcove and put his instruments upon it.

 Hana followed Sadao’s orders
obediently but she was anxious about the decorative matting on the floor which
was about to get ruined during the operation. So, she went outside and collected armful of old matting to cover up the floor but unfortunately, she failed
to do so as the blood had already ruined the mat under the man.
29. How does Sadao get in the
absorption when he works on a body – whatever the body is.
A: Sadao was alerted by his senses
that he was helping his enemy but as a doctor, his profession was to save
anyone in need irrespective of their culture, creed, or race. He came fully
prepared with his emergency kit though he knew the wounded man was an American.
As a Doctor, Sadao got absorbed in his duty and told his wife Hana to help him
over to turn the man.
30. Why did Sadao ask Hana to use
anaesthetic? What did Hana reply?
A: Sadao was quite absorbed in his
work irrespective of the body he worked upon was his enemy but he stayed calm
and asked for Hana to provide the man with anaesthetic if he needed one.

Hana seemed to be less confident for that job as she never had operated
on someone and the gruesome situation would make her sick.
31.After taking out the
packing, what did
Sadao find and say to himself about the situation of the
A: While Sadao took out the packing,
blood flowed more quickly from the man’s body and then Sadao peered into the
wound with his surgical flashlight which had been fastened on his forehead. He
wondered how deep the rock wound was, in the case to understand the depth of the bullet
penetration as the man had lost too much blood.
32. Seeing the blood and injury what
happened to Hana? Why did Sadao think it to be good? Why did Sadao become
irritated with the patient at this point of time?
A: Hana got choked and her face had
the colour of sulphur on seeing the blood and injury but she didn’t faint at
that moment. She quickly moved outside and retched in the garden.

Sadao thought it to be important because he thought she might to her
work better if she had an empty stomach.

Hana was in a distressed condition and Sadao was unable to support her
so at once, he got irritated and impatient with the man who laid like dead under
his knife.

33. How did Hana use the anaesthetic
this time under the supervision of Sadao?
A: Hana was terrified as she had
never faced a situation like this where she would operate beside her husband
and after facing all odds before the situation, Hana grew up strong and on
Sadao’s advice saturated the cotton and hold it near his nostrils gently. She
crouched close to the young American and was provoked by some deep thoughts
about that prisoner of war.
34. Looking at the white man’s face
what did Hana think about the stories of war and rumours of war?
A: Hana crouched beside the wounded
American and with her lips twisted, she thought about the suffering of
prisoners during the war. She wondered about the stories and rumours that the
newspapers had reported about the
Japanese Army at the time of liberation. She described the stories to be
a positive outcome for the Japanese Army as they were honoured and gladly
accepted by the peoples as their saviour.
35. What opinion did she have about
General Takima?
A: Hana introduced General Takima as
a ruthless army veteran who used to torture his wife viciously. Even if he was
cruel to his wife, the man had reputations for fighting a victorious battle in
36. How did Hana find that the young
man had been tortured?
A: After Hana remembered General
Takima’s story and reflected the cruelty of the general upon his wife, she
anxiously observed the deep red scars on the white man’s neck under his ears
which was a symbol of severe torture that the white man had gone through while
he was in the prison.
37. How was Sadao fully engrossed
in his surgery? What did his anatomy professor say?
A: While Sadao was operating, he
felt the tip of his instrument had stricken against a hard structure near to
the man’s kidney. With the purest pleasure to get fully engrossed in his job, he
checked with his finger delicately as if he was familiar to every atom of the
human body.

In that urgency, Sadao remembered a very important knowledge which was
shared by his American Anatomy Professor about the operation that it would be a
surgeon’s cardinal sin if he had operated on anybody without proper knowledge
and his act would be considered no less than a murder.
38. When did Sadao refer the man as
“my friend”? Did he mean so? Discuss.
A: Dr.Sadao had a habit of murmuring
while he kept operating on his patients. So, he addressed the white man as his
friend irrespective of the knowledge that the man was American and he should be
turned out to the police instead.

Sadao treated the white man as his patient but not as his enemy. So, he
had forgotten about all things and murmured to him as if the white man was his

39. How did Sadao take the bullet
out of the body? How the white man react?
A: Sadao had successfully located the
bullet which happened to be near his kidney and with precise incision he was
able to take out the bullet from the man’s body.

The man quivered in pain but laid unconscious. He even had chokingly
muttered some words but then quickly sank again into silence.
40. How did Sadao bring the
weakening pulse of the man back?

A: Sadao had operated on the man and had succeeded in bringing out the
bullet but he checked the pulses of the man to be faint and feeble. So, from his
medicine he filled up a small vial with a
hypodermic and thrust it into the left arm of his patient and again
checked out for pulses which grew stronger this time.
41.Surmise the first conversation
Hana with the man?
A: One day Hana came inside with the
food for the white man as none of the servants would like to enter the room in
his presence. She discovered that the man had summoned a little strength but was afraid to speak to her. So, she kindly
asked him in English and fed him gently with a porcelain spoon but the man
showed a kind of resistance while he ate.
42.”Are you going to hand me
over” – who said? What did the person spoked to reply?
 A: The quoted line had been spoken by the
American man Tom,  who was a prisoner of
war and was saved by Sadao and Hana.

After Tom uttered these words Sadao was silent for a moment and roughly
answered Tom’s question that he had not yet decided what to do with him but it
was for sure that Sadao was going to hand him over to the police, as he was a
prisoner and also an American and for Sadao, every American was his enemy.
Sadao, added harshly to Tom that as a doctor it is his responsibility not to
let a man die and this was the only reason behind helping an American. Sadao
was so angry that he even did not let him speak out his name. 
43. How did the servants rebel?
What had been their point of logic for the same?
A: The war between China and America made the
people enemies of each other. It was because the couple sheltered an American
man, the servants of their house were very watchful and kept a cold eye upon
the couple. They even started to gossip about their masters for keeping an American
in their home. They decided to leave their jobs as they were not at all ready
to serve an American at any cost.
servants out of the nationalistic feeling could not tolerate an American man.
They were discussing in themselves that why did n’t Sadao left Tom bleeding
when he was about to die they found it useless in saving an American. According
to the gardener, the blood of the American could make the soil of the garden
more fertile, their nationalistic feeling blindfolded them from showing humanity
towards a wounded man.

44. How were the comments of the
servants not made in the absence and meant to be heard?
A: The servants could not tolerate seeing an
American in their master’s house. They started to gossip about Sadao and Hana’s
irresponsibility in keeping a prisoner home without caring for the safety of
their own and their two little children. The servants even bragged for the
works they had done for their master for years but still, their master did not
listen to their request in not keeping Tom, the American man home. The servants
were in a plan to leave their jobs and go back to their own houses. Hana knew
that what the servants were gossiping among themselves was right but she even
knew that the gossip was intentionally done to let Hana listen to them when
she arranges the day’s flower in the veranda. Hana was helpless as she was
unable to make out what exactly to be done.
45.In what situation the man told
his name? How did Hana reply to that?
A: The American man who was sheltered by Sadao
and Hana, one day in an impulsive way the American introduced himself to Hana
by telling his name as Tom.
did not like the man not only because he was a prisoner but also he was an
American. When Tom, introduced himself to Hana, she just bowed in a short
distance. Although Hana could notice that Tom was a bit hurt but she did not
prefer to assuage it. Hana’s disliking towards the man, made her behave strangely. She knew that Tom, the American was
a great danger to her family but she preferred to serve him because he was
46. Write down the progress of the health of the white man after the surgery.
A: When Tom, the American man was rescued from
the seashore, his condition was so critical that there was a doubt of the man
being alive. He was bleeding and fresh blood gushed out from his wound which
has hit by a rock. Sadao and Hana took him to their own house and provided him
with medical aid. They were very kind towards Tom and gave him proper
treatment. As a result of this, Tom’s condition improved day by day. Sadao used
to check him regularly and the stitches of the surgery almost dried and ware
pulled out. Even when the servants denied serving an American, Hana took care
of the man, and even sometimes she spoon-fed him, forgetting if he was a
prisoner or an American. It was assumed that within fortnight Tom would be as
healthy as ever. So, Tom’s health showed a positive change after surgery.
47. Which two things happened on
the seventh day?
A: On the seventh day the first thing that happened
was that all the servants left the house together, leaving the burden of work
in the shoulders of Hana. She found the house was untidy and the food was not
yet prepared, this made her dismayed and terrified but she holds herself and
was ready to face the struggle. The servants, who worked in Sadao’s house for
ages now left them because they do not want themselves to be in trouble for
serving an American. Next, the thing that happened on that day was when a
messenger came to their home in an official uniform due to this Hana’s hand
went weak and she could not draw her breath because she thought that any of the
servants might have informed the police. The messenger was searching for Sadao
and followed Hana to deliver the letter to Sadao. Hana got a sigh of relief
when she came to know that the letter was from general whose health was not
good, and he needed Sadao’s treatment but for Sadao, the call from the general
made him more tensed.
48. What did Yumi say about the
children while departing? What did Hana resolve to do?
A: Yumi was one of the servants who work for
Sadao. She was given the responsibility of taking care of the two babies of
Sadao and Hana. Yumi had to leave Sadao’s house since she did not want to fall
in trouble for serving an American. While departing she said to Hana that if
the babies cried for her, then Hana could send them to Yumi’s house. Yumi was
emotionally attached with the babies but she was forced to leave the house in
fear of being arrested.

After listening to Yumi’s pledge, Hana just smiled at her and paid her
the bills. She also thanked her for taking care of her children but she told
herself that she will not send her babies to Yumi, even if they cry for her.
49. ” Why is it we can not see
what we ought to do”- Discuss the context and the discussion of the quoted
A: The decision of sheltering the white man, was
not less than a storm in the life of Sadao and Hana. Every day they were in a
fear of being arrested by the Japanese police for bringing home an American.
Hana wanted the man to be thrown in the ocean from where he came but it was
Sadao who thought of providing medical aid to that man. When the white man was
brought to the house the servants denied serving an American man and all of
them wanted to let the man die. The servants kept a watchful eye upon their
masters and gossip about their irresponsibility in keeping a prisoner home
without caring for their children. The fear of getting arrested by the police
made the servants leave the jobs though they did not want to do so. All the
burden of work fall upon the shoulders of Hana and she thought that her
servants were more clever than them in advising them not to keep a prisoner
home, which could be dangerous to them. But Sadao and Hana could not make any
decision of what to do with the white man.
50. Why was there a flicker of
terror in the eyes of a man? Which conversation brought this terror in him?
 A: When Sadao entered Tom’s
room and said that he could get up in his feet and would be healthy soon. At
that moment Sadao saw a flicker of terror in the white man’s eye as if he was
very afraid of what going to happen next. Tom was not informed of what was
going to happen with him, whether they would hand him over to the police or let
him go.
      The white man Tom was very grateful to
Sadao and Hana for saving his life and so he thanked Sadao. It was when Sadao
replied that Tom should not thank him too early, these words aroused tension in
the mind of Tom who could not make out the intentions of Sadao and Hana for
saving his life. The terror was clearly visible in the eyes of the man and the
scars turned crimson for a while. He was so afraid that he could hardly utter a
word clearly.
51. Discuss the messenger incident.
How did Hana and Sadao react to his arrival?
A: On the seventh day after the servants had
left, in the morning a messenger with an official uniform came to Sadao’s house.
The messenger was searching for Sadao and was eager to deliver the letter to
him. Hana on seeing the man was extremely terrified and she thought that any of
the servants might have informed the police about the American man.
was so scared that her hands went weak and she was unable to draw her breath.
She immediately ran towards Sadao, and the messenger followed her. Hana was
gasping and was not able to utter a word, she pointed helplessly towards Sadao,
who was in the office. On the other hand, when Sadao saw the messenger he came
to know that he had to visit the palace because the old general was in pain.
Listening to this Hana got a sigh of relief as she thought that the man had
come to arrest Sadao. Seeing Hana’s condition, Sadao was disturbed and thought
of telling the general about the American man, who was a danger to his family.
52. How did the general react after
hearing everything from Sadao? Why he
would care to lose Sadao?
A: After listening to everything from Sadao, the
general appreciated him and said that Sadao was so skilful that he can save
anyone and even the enemy. The general also added that Sadao would not be
arrested and the general would himself send his private assassins to kill the
American and remove his dead body.
    The general did not want to lose Sadao at any cost because he was aware that Sadao
was trained by the Americans and was far better than the other high qualified
doctors of Japan. The general was selfish enough to not let Sadao help the
other victims of the war. The old general could only trust Sadao and if Sadao
gets arrested than he may die because of an unsuccessful operation by other
Japanese doctors. The general wanted to save Sadao and he was even ready to
kill the American man illegally so that Sadao escapes from getting arrested.

53. What did the general say about
blending German ruthlessness with American sentimentality in the doctors?
A: The general was selfish enough in not loosing
Sadao. He wanted his operation only in the hands of Sadao to whom he trusts the
most. If Sadao gets arrested for sheltering an American man then there would be
in trouble for the general. He did not want any sort of problem in his
operation. So, the old general in a way indicated to show German ruthlessness
towards the white man and kill him, whom he was sheltering unnecessarily. While
for himself he wanted that Sadao should treat him with American mentality and
save his life at any cost by a successful surgery. To help Sadao the general
told him that he would send his assassins to kill the man and Sadao should not
worry about the white man and should concentrate on the general’s health.
54. What plan did the general
suggest to Sadao? How did Sadao take it?
A: When Sadao said everything to the general,
then the general suggested that to end Sadao’s problem he would send his
private assassins to kill the white man. The general also said that the
assassins were very capable and knew about inward bleeding, even the assassins
would remove the man’s dead body from Sadao’s home. All that Sadao needed to do
was just leave the door of the room open where the man was sheltered.
listening to this plan, Sadao thought that it was the best plan to have the
white man killed by the assassins sent by the general. In this way, his problem
would be solved and there would not be any danger of being arrested for sheltering
the white man. Another reason for accepting the general’s plan was that Sadao
himself did not want to kill the man, which could be a shameful act as a
55. What could be the reasons for
Sadao’s not sharing about the assassins with Hana?
A: The general suggested a plan of killing the
white man by sending assassins in Sadao’s home because Sadao wanted to get rid
of the white man. He agreed to the general and said that he would open the door
of the white man’s room so that the assassins could easily get in and kill the
man. After coming home Sadao kept on thinking about the plan and he thought of
not telling about the idea of killing the man to Hana because Hana would surely
timid the idea of assassins in their house but Sadao knew that it was very
important to allow the assassins to enter their house and get the white man
killed. He could not think of any other plan rather than this and thought that
if the white man dies, then he and his family would be safe and escape from
being arrested for serving an American. In this critical situation of war
between Japan and America, he could not take any risk in keeping an American
56. How did Sadao carry two
personalities- a doctor and a Japnese patriot? How after returning from the
general’s place he forgot everything and talked about the healing of the stiff
part of the man’s body?
A: Sadao was a Japanese doctor and he portrayed
both the role of a patriot and a doctor. When he saw a white man washed to his
doorstep, he forgot all the racial discrimination and treated the white man,
like he treats every other patient. He operated a successful surgery to the man
and saved his life, he took care of every pain and would of the man and made
him healthy as ever. He also has a strong patriotic feeling towards his nation,
which made him plan the murder of the white man taking the help of general’s
the planning of the murder of the white man, when Sadao returned home and came
to know about the white man’s stiff part he forgot everything and started to do
whatever possible to heal the stiff hand of the white man. He even checked the
white man’s healing wound and told him that massage could be better for his
stiff hands. Sadao also advised the man to go back to his bed and take rest.

57. How did Tom thank Sadao for his
help? How did Sadao react?
 A: Sadao helped Tom during his time of
distress and he grew up healthy staying at Sadao’s house though the Japanese
were at war with Americans. Tom had relied on Sadao’s medical assistance to
save his life and the warm welcome, hospitality done by Sadao, and Hana made
him strong. Tom thanked Sadao by saying that the war could have possibly
stopped if the Japanese were as kind and humane as Sadao.

Sadao bowed gently and took care of Tom as his patient but not as his
enemy. Sadao even helped Tom to get back into the bed and wished him good
58. How was the first night as Sadao
expected assassins to arrive?
 A: The night went wrong for Sadao as from time to time he heard
the rustling noise of footsteps, sound of a twig broken or the sound of the stone
getting displaced in the garden. As a result, he feared that the Assassin might
have killed and carried Tom out of the room like a burden.
59. How was the second night as
Sadao expected assassins to arrive?
 A: Sadao checked for the American in the next
morning and found him to be alive. Then Sadao waited for the second night for
assassins to arrive but that night was quite windy and he listened to the
sounds of bending boughs and whistling partitions.

60. How was the third night as
Sadao expected assassins to arrive?
 A: Sadao had
encountered that the third night was rainy and sounds of dripping eaves,
running springs were heard from the garden. Sadao had slept but soon he woke up
on the sound of a crash and even Hana got terrified as their baby started
screaming and together with the baby they returned to their bed. That night
they slept in silence but not peacefully as terror had infected their minds.
61. What plan did Sadao broach to
the white man about his escape?
 A: Sadao was so
frustrated with the situation where he got placed in a strangled position
whether to save Tom or let the General have Tom killed. At last, he made up his
mind to save the white man from escaping the cruel hands. So, Sadao suggested
Tom that he would load up his boat with food and clothes for Tom and let Tom
escape the beach and to head towards the island where he could get up on any
Korean fishing boat and get disappear as Tom’s location had been compromised.
62. How did Sadao prepare for the
escape? How did he keep it from Hana?
 A:  Sadao was determined to help the distressed
American escape the beach as it had become inconvenient for him to stay longer
at his house. As a result, Sadao dragged out the stout boat to the shore,
loaded it with food and clothes, even he brought quilts for Tom from the
pawnshop and posted the boat in the region of high tides.

Sadao kept it a secret from Hana as she thought Sadao had returned from
his work like other days and Sadao in a very secretive manner took the clothes
and food out of their house without Hana noticing him.
63. How did Sadao confirm the
patient fit for the journey physically?
  A: After Sadao had prepared for the escape of
Tom, he went into the guest room to check for his temperature, the state of the
wound, and the condition of his heart and pulses. He found out that Tom had an
irregular train of pulses due to excitement but only the scars near his neck
remained red.
64. What is the importance of
flashlight in the story?
  A: The flashlight had played a vital role as
it was given to Tom by Sadao to signal him after he had reached the island.
After Sadao had prepared Tom’s escape plan, Tom was handed a flashlight and was
advised by Sadao to use it twice if he runs out of food before catching the
Korean fishing boat and flashed it once if he was fine and still on that
island. Sadao had even suggested Tom not to use it in the darkness but to use
it during the sunset.
65. Which instructions did Sadao
give to the American while he will be on the island?
A: Sadao instructed the American to
never use the flashlight in the darkness as he might get noticed when he would
reach the island. Moreover, the American was suggested by Sadao that if he ran
out of food, he might catch fishes and should eat them raw as a fire could
alert anybody around there.
66. What precautions about dress and
time did Sadao take before letting the white man for the journey?
A: Sadao had prepared an escape plan
for Tom and brought him Japanese clothes to avoid being caught on the island.
Sadao even wrapped Tom’s head with a black cloth to cover his blondness and
hide his identity as an American. Later that night, in the darkness Tom stepped
down the stairs with a flashlight and escaped the beach according to Sadao’s
formulated plan.

67. What happened to the general
again? How was the general in a tight spot about the American prisoner? How did
it save Sadao too?
A: The general was in a critical situation, for
twelve hours Sadao was not sure that the old general would remain alive or not.
Sadao was called for an emergency operation at night and he observed that the
gall bladder of the general was much involved and he was craving for food. The
general also started to take deep breadth again and again.
general had promised to Sadao that he would be sending his assassins to kill
the American so that Sadao does not get arrested but he was so busy with his problems that he forgot about the promise. Next, when Sadao came to the
general’s house at that time the general remembered of the promise that he did
to Sadao and admitted that he forgot about that as he was sick. In this way, he
was in a tight spot in front of Sadao.
general’s self-absorbance made him forget about the promise he did to kill
the American to Sadao. In a way, the general’s forgetfulness made it easy for
Sadao to let the American man escape from Japan and reach America safely.
68. Which white face did Sadao
remember after he was sure that the white man was gone?
 A: Sadao
helped the American to escape from Japan and after he was sure that the white
man had reached his destination safely he got his reward. While gazing in the
seashore suddenly he recalls few white faces of the Americans he had met during
his stay in America.
He recalled his professor where he met Hana for
the first time and also the professor’s wife who was a kind lady. Gradually he
also started to remember a few more white faces like his old anatomy teacher
who had been so insisted on mercy with a knife. He even remembers the fat and
slatternly landlady who out of her kindness took care of Sadao when he was
suffering from influenza.
He remembered that in America he suffered a lot
in finding a place to stay because he was a Japanese and the Americans were
full of prejudice. At last, he remembered the young face of Tom who washed to
his doorstep and he wandered that why was he unable to kill the man even when
he hated Americans. He tried his level best to kill the man but unfortunately, everytime he failed.
69. Consider the story
“Enemy” as a story dealing duality of duty.
A: Sadao did not want to save an American
prisoner but he also could not runway from his responsibility as a doctor. So
he decided to save the American as he was wounded. When the servants did not
want to serve the American and wanted him to be killed, Sadao said that if the
man was found in a healthy condition he would have surely handed him to the
police but Sadao also promised that he would hand the American to the police
once he is fit.
everyone in stress, Sadao was worried about how to get rid of the man who was a
threat to his family. Meanwhile, Sadao gets a message from the old general that
he is in pain and needed Sadao’s help. When Sadao visited the general’s house
he thought of telling the truth of sheltering an American so that the general
could help him. The old general thought of a plan to kill the American by
sending his assassins. Although Sadao planned the murder of the American still when
he came to know about the stiff body part of the American, he forgot everything
and suggested some aids for helping the man.
When he realized that the general was not going
to send the assassins anymore he thought of helping the American to escape from
Japan and he successfully did it.
70. Why couldn’t Sadao kill the
white man?
A: On the first day when the white man was found
crawling in a seashore, Sadao was in a state of dilemma whether to shelter the
wounded white man or thrown him back in the sea but as a doctor, he rescued the
man and treated him till he was healthy as ever. In the whole story, we found
him in a confusing state, thinking about what to do with the American.
 On one
hand, he planned the murder of the white man with the help of the general’s
assassins and on the other hand he seemed to be quietly worried about the
health of the white man. He tried to heal every wound and pain of the man to
make him fit. Everyday Sadao waited for the death of the white man because he
was unable to kill him. Finally, he helped the white man to escape from Japan
and reach America. Sadao was unable to kill the white man because the humanity
in him did not let him do so, no matter however he hated the Americans.
He proved himself to be a true doctor who does
not have any kind of racial discrimination towards his patient.

71. “Sadao was a saviour of
life and as well as a patriot” – Discuss.
A: Sadao proved himself to a true doctor,
forgetting all racial discrimination he took the responsibility of the white
man and treated him until he was healthy as ever. Sadao felt pity over the
innocent face of the white man and thought of sheltering him in his house. The
white man was provided with silk quilt and all other comforts, he was even
spoon-fed by Hana, Sadao’s wife. Sadao was very caring about the health of the
white man and operated a successful surgery. Before the surgery, the white man
was unable to stand and looked very weak but after the care of Sadao and Hana, the
white man was again able to stand on his feet.
Besides being a doctor Sadao was also a
responsible citizen when he sheltered the white man he thought of telling
everything to the old general so that he does not get arrested for serving an
American. He even tried to kill the white man with the help of the assassins
that the old general promised to provide Sadao to end the life of the American.
Being a Japanese, he hated Americans and thought
of killing the white man but humanity won over hatred and even after trying a
lot Sadao could not take the life of the white man and finally helped him to
escape from Japan. While escaping, Sadao provided the white man with food,
water and clothes and also gave the instructions for surviving on the island
until he catches the Korean fishing boat.
73. How far do you think that
” war brings no solution but it brings only difference” -Discuss the
statement with reference to the story.

A: The story of “enemy” had been set in the
time of world war II, when America and Japan were engaged in war. The story
started when the American prisoner was washed off to the shore when he tried to
escape the prison and landed directly in front of Doctor Sadao’s house.

As a doctor, Sadao wanted to help the white man
by bringing him to his house and providing him with all medical aid that was
essential for his survival. But Sadao’s wife Hana at the beginning of the story
had a massive doubt on saving the man as Japan was agonized by American
infiltration and moreover, her doubt changed into fear when the servants denied
helping their master Sadao for saving the white man. Even the servants started
differentiating themselves from the white man, out of their prejudices the
servants did not enter the room where the prisoner had rested. Though they were
not at war physically but the servants prepared them mentally not to assist the
white man at any cost. Even they feared that they would be abandoned by their
being and everyone in the house except Sadao and Hana resisted.

So, the war harmed domestic life of the Japanese people as they wanted to help the injured man but in a way, it became impossible for them because their own people would dislike their work towards serving humanity and they would have resisted in Sadao’s path. We can conclude that sometimes war brings people under one shade but on the other hand it reflects the differences based on race, religion, and colour.