Extra Questions And Answers of Albert Einstein at School || Cbse Class 11 English Core || Snapshots ||

   1   .   What
did Mr Braun ask Albert? What was Albert’s answer? Why didn’t Albert want to
learn dates?

Ans. Mr Braun asked
Albert whether the Prussians defeated to French in the battle of Waterloo.
Albert answered that
he didn’t know it.
According to Albert,
there was no point in learning dates and facts. One can easily find them in

       2. What
had been the views of Albert and History teacher about learning facts?

Ans. According to the
history teacher, learning facts meant education whereas Albert considered that
there was no point in learning facts, rather what matters to him was ideas.

    3. How
did the History teacher taunt him about his concept? What did Albert say about
his interest in the war and what not?

Ans. The history
teacher taunted Albert by saying that he should tell the class ‘the Einstein
theory of education’.
To this Albert
replied that what matters to him were ideas rather than facts. Moreover, there
was no point in learning dates of the battle or why armies killed others rather
he was more interested in learning the reason of killing each other.

   4.    How
was Albert punished that day? How school had become a place of hatred for

Ans. Albert was made
to stay in for an extra period that day.
Albert didn’t like
the classes held in the school except for the mathematics class. Often he was
punished and made to stay for an extra time.

    5.    Why
was it futile to ask his father to take him back?

Ans. It was futile to
ask his father to take him back as his father wanted him to stay there until he
gets a diploma.

    6.    How
was he at equal troubled state with his lodging?

Ans. Albert had a
very little amount of money, so he took a room in the poorest quarters of
Munich. The food was bad and the place was not at all comfortable, but these
didn’t trouble him much. The landlady used to beat her children regularly and
her husband would come every Saturday night and in drunken condition beat her.
These annoyed Albert a lot.

    7.    How
did Yuri reflect lodging to be all negative at his place? What did Albert think
on the contrary?

Ans. At Yuri’s place,
students engage themselves in a duel and one of them got killed due to this. The
one who killed the other was even proud of himself.
Albert thought that
he would not be able to pass in the examination.

     8.    How
did Yuri reflect about his place to be unfit as there students are hostile and
not civilised (refer duel)?

Ans. After Albert shared
his experience, Yuri told about her place which was unfit as the students over
there were hostile and not civilised. In one of the duels, a student was killed
and the one who killed the other was quite proud of him. He was sad as the
authority asked him not to fight anymore. He was upset as he had got no scars
on his face which he would able to bear and show everyone for the rest of his

     9.     Why did Albert think that he would not pass?
How did Elsa try to help him?

Ans. Albert thought that
he would not pass as he didn’t learn the things that were taught in the class.
Elsa tried to help
him by saying that if he tried he would be able to learn things. He didn’t need
to know anything rather need to be able to repeat those in the exams.

10. Why did Albert
take up with the advice of Elsa? Which book was he reading and why?

Albert took the advice of Elsa because he thought that he would fail in the
was reading a book on Geology as he liked studying the subject.

11. Which plan did
Albert make with Yuri to get out of the school?

Albert and Yuri made a plan to take a certificate from a medical student in
which it was written that it was bad for Albert to go to school as he suffered
from a nervous breakdown.

12. Why did Albert
think that he will really have a nervous breakdown? Give reason.

Albert thought that he would really have a nervous breakdown because he was
quite nervous regarding the school and hated it like anything.

13. What good news
did Yuri bring for Albert? How much did he depend on this?

Yuri told Albert that he had found out a doctor who would give him a
was very much dependent on this.

14. What did you say
about Dr Ernest Weil? What did he forbid Albert to do with Yuri?

Dr Ernest Weil was a sensible and friendly doctor. He understood the problems
of Albert and told that he was really suffering from a nervous breakdown.

forbid Albert not to tell anything as Yuri had already told him about the case.

15. How did Dr Weil
behave with Albert? Why was Albert upset hearing that Yuri had told everything?

Dr Weil behaved very politely and friendly with Albert.
was upset after hearing that Yuri had told him everything as he thought that it
would make a bad impression on him.

16. How did Dr Weil
support about Einstein’s situation?

Dr Weil supported Einstein by telling that he thinks that Albert really
suffers from a nervous breakdown.

17. What plan did
Einstein share to Dr Weil if he is given the certificate? How did Dr Weil
advise Yuri thank him?

Einstein planned that he would go to Milan where his parents stay. Then he
would try to get admitted to the Italian College or Institute with the
reference of his mathematics teacher.
Weil advised that Albert should invite Yuri for a meal in order to thank him.

18.  How was certificate a chance for Albert to
have a go-to dual window?

The certificate was a chance for him to leave the school for six months and
carrying with his diploma and even get admitted to a college and not waste his
time in the school. By this way, it gave a chance for him to have a dual

19. How was the
meeting between Mr. Koch and Albert?

Mr. Koch supported Albert and even wrote a reference letter for the admission
in a college or institute. He told that Albert had the capability to teach even

20. How did Mr. Koch
realise that Albert was about to leave someday? What did he indicate

Mr. Koch realised that Albert was about to leave someday as Albert wouldn’t
have asked him for the reference.
indicated indirectly that Albert had greater capabilities and he was simply
wasting his time over there.

21. Why did Albert think
the call from the Headmaster was positive for him? How did he fell for the
call by the headmaster?

Albert thought that the call from the Headmaster was positive for him as it
would save his time rather he had to wait for a while until his chance arrived.
was puzzled when he was called by the Headmaster.

22. What did the Headmaster say to Albert? How was leaving the school a mutual one?

The Headmaster said Albert that he was being expelled from the school.
wanted to leave the school that’s why he collected the certificate from Dr.
Weil and on the other hand, his Headmaster expelled him. By this way, it
turned out to be a mutual one.

23. How did Albert
feel about the school when he finally got out of it permanently?

Albert had no feeling for his school where he spent five miserable years. He
didn’t even feel the need for turning back. His wish was ultimately fulfilled
and thus he was happy.

questions (6 marks)

   1.    What
was the concept of education of Einstein? How was he futuristic?

Ans. Einstein had a
different concept of education than the others. He didn’t believe in learning
facts. According to him, anyone can find those dates and facts in a book and
studying such things was pointless. Moreover, he found no point in learning the
dates of battles or even which armies killed other men rather he was more
interested in learning why the battle was fought.

He didn’t want to
spoil his future staying in the school rather he wanted to join a college or an
institute as he was aware of his capabilities. He took the reference from his
mathematics teacher, Mr. Koch, so that he could get admitted in one of them.
This shows that he was futuristic.

2.    Do
you think the wrong education system has already killed many Einsteins and Albert
Einstein was a lucky one?
Ans. Yes, I think that the wrong education system
has already killed many Einsteins. Albert Einstein was interested in science and
mathematics. But the education system was such that it made him study subjects
like history in which he was not at all interested. If he continued to stay in
that school, he would not have become what he is in the present. So, Albert
Einstein is indeed a lucky one. But there are several other persons who may
have such capabilities but couldn’t do much due to the education system. Their
talent has been perished with the course of time.

3.    It
is time to liberate the education system in many ways. Taking example from the
story discuss the ways to do it.

Ans. It is time to liberate the education system
in many ways. Albert Einstein, who is famous for his contributions in the field
of science, was earlier punished by his history teacher almost regularly. He
was not in favour of learning facts and on the other hand, he excelled in
mathematics. But no one understood his talent except his mathematics teacher
Mr. Koch. If he would have not left the school he would not have been able to
be the ‘Einstein’ that we know.  The education system should try to find out the
qualities of the student and then teach accordingly so that they can excel in
that particular topic and become a successful person.

4.    “Nothing
is impossible in life if you mean to achieve it.”-Discuss the statement with
reference to the story.

Ans. This is true that ‘Nothing is impossible
in life if you mean to achieve it’.  The
story “Albert Einstein at School” by Patrick Pringle proves the above statement
to be true. Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists ever known. But
he was the one who was punished almost every day in the history class as he
couldn’t answer the questions asked by his teacher. He suffered from nervous
breakdown whenever he thought about school and thought that he would fail in
the examination. But he was excellent in mathematics and his teacher, Mr. Koch
wrote a reference letter so that he could get admitted to a college or