Extra Questions And Answers of Children At Work || CBSE CLASS 8 ENGLISH || It So Happened ||

1.    Where
did the train stop? How did Velu feel as he got down from the train?

Ans. The train
stopped at the Chennai Central.

Velu was quite tired,
hungry and exhausted when he got down from the train.


2.    How
was the platform experience of Velu after he got down at the station?

Ans. When Velu got
down at the station, his legs were unsteady and saw a large number of people. Peoples
walked and bumped their suitcases on him and went away. Something was announced
in the loudspeaker and the noise of the peoples was terrible.


3.    What
was the physical condition of Velu at the station and why?  What did he eat in the last two days?

Ans.  Velu felt miserable and was exhausted as he
had travelled a distance by train. 

He ate nothing except
some peanuts and a piece of jaggery in the last two days.


4.    How
did Velu reach Chennai Central Station? How was his train journey?

Ans. He reached the
Chennai Central Station by Kanyakumari Express train.

He travelled without
a ticket.


5.    Who
called Velu? What was unusual about the person’s dress? What was the person
doing at the station?

Ans. Jaya, who was a
ragpicker, called Velu.

The girl was wearing
a long banian.

She was carrying a
huge sack on her shoulder and was collecting stuffs like plastic cups from the


6.    What
did the girl understand about Velu?

Ans. The girl
understood that he had escaped from home.


7.    How
did the girl understand that Velu was hungry? What did she offer?

Ans.  When Velu pressed his stomach with a grimace,
then the girl understood that he was hungry.

She offered a squashy
banana and a vada.


8.    What
was the confusion in Velu about the girl’s offer? What did he decide at last?

Ans. Velu never ate
such type of foods. It was waste to him.

But later he ate that
squashy banana and vada as he was so hungry.


9.    How
did Velu and the girl cross the road?

     Ans. Velu found it
difficult to cross such a busy road. Velu was hesitating to cross the       road but
the girl dragged him and made him cross the road.


10. What did the girl
say about Velu’s hesitation while crossing the road?

The girl said that they were not grazing cows. If they would have stood in the
middle of the road, they would have become ‘chutney’.  

11. How did Velu feel
when he crossed the street looking back at everything?

After crossing the road, Velu’s heartbeat became fast. He was quite afraid.

12. While walking on
the road what did Velu see? Why couldn’t he understand anything written?

While walking on the road, Velu got to see huge signboards.

couldn’t understand anything written it signboards because it was written in
English and he couldn’t read English.


13. On the bridge
which building the girl indicated and what did she say about it?

On the bridge, the girl indicated the Central Jail and she told that they
should be careful and warned him not to get caught.

14. How did Velu
react about the building Jaya indicated?

Velu was afraid and told that he had not done anything when Jaya indicated at
the building.

15. How did the heat
on the road affect Velu? How did he try to manage the situation?

Velu was barefooted and as a result of which his feet felt like burning and was
soaked with sweat.

managed the situation by walking in the shade and keeping with the girl

16. Where did Jaya
take Velu? How was the place?

Jaya took Velu to a building where a marriage ceremony was going to take place.

building was quite big and big cars were parked outside. One of the cars had a
flower garland and roses taped onto it.

17. Back of the hall
where did Jaya take Velu? How had the place been?

Back of the hall, Jaya took Velu near the big dustbin which was filled with
rubbish items.

place was too dirty. Two goats were fighting for a banana peel. Flies buzzed
all around and a rotten smell was there.

18. What food did
Jaya give Velu? How did Velu react to the food and why did he, at last, take
the food?

Jaya gave Velu a squashy banana and a Vada.

was shocked when he was given such food but later decided to take the food as
he had no other option. He was hungry and new to that city. He didn’t know
anything out there. So, he was bound to take such food.

19. Why did Jaya
decide to leave the marriage hall? Why did Velu decide to accompany Jaya?

Jaya decided to leave the marriage hall as it was not the time of lunch, so
they will not get any food from there. In the meantime, she can pick some of
the garbage and make money.

didn’t know anyone out there except the girl, so he was dependent on Jaya.
Moreover, he needed to fill his stomach. So, he decided that until he gets a
work he would stay with Jaya and decided to accompany her.

20. Where did Jaya
take Velu? Which canal is referred to here?

Jaya took Velu to Triplicane. Here the Buckingham Canal is being referred.

21. How were huts
where Jaya lived?

The huts were present near the dirty puddles. Velu considered those to be
‘strange’. They were built off of things like metal sheets, tyres, bricks, wood
and plastic.  

22. What did Jaya do
in her hut? What questions did Velu ask about the garbage? What did Jaya

Jaya damped her sack and picked a new one so that she could fill it once again.

asked Jaya that what she did with those rubbish items like plastic, paper,
glass, etc.

answered that she sold it to Jam Bazaar Jaggu.


23. Which work did
Velu do in his village? How did Jaya react listening to the word ‘farm’?

Velu used to work at the landowner’s farm. He used to do the work of weeding
and took the cows out to graze.

laughed at Velu and told that there were no farmers out there rather they were
all ragpickers.

24. Who is Jam Bazaar
Jaggu? What does Jaggu do with rubbish?

Jam Jaggu Bazaar was the one who used to buy those rubbish items and again sold
it to the factory.

sold those rubbish items to the factory.

25. How did Velu
react about rubbish being collected and sold?

Velu was puzzled to know that the rubbish was being collected by the
ragpickers. He thought that he hadn’t escaped from home for becoming a

26. Which things did
Jaya give to Velu to work with her? Why did Velu decide to do this work for

Jaya gave Velu a pair of old shoes without laces. She also gave a sack and a
stick so that he would do the work of rag-picking.

decided to do the work as he had no other choice. The place was new to him and
he thought that until he gets a better job he would be carrying out the job of