Textbook Questions And Answers of Albert Einstein at School || Cbse Class 11 English Core || Snapshots ||


no- 31

    1.    What
do you understand Einstein’s nature from his conversations with his history
teacher, his mathematics teacher and the headteacher?

Ans. The story
“Albert Einstein at school” by Patrick Pringle shows Einstein’s different
nature towards his different teachers. From the conversation between Einstein
and his history teacher, we got to know that Einstein is quite honest and
straight forward. He is also logical as when he says that ideas matters instead
of the facts.  While having a
conversation with the mathematics teacher, it reflects his obedience and
respect towards Mr. Koch. He even didn’t accept the fact that he had learnt
more than his teacher. Finally, we get to know that Albert was tempted to tell
the Headmaster about what he had said regarding Albert. But, he didn’t do
anything rather holding his head high went out of the school. This shows that
he had control over his emotions.

     2.    The
school system often curbs individual talents. Discuss.

Ans. It is true that
the school system often curbs individual talents. Albert Einstein suffered from
nervous breakdown whenever he thought about school. He had grown such hatred
towards the school due to the orthodox schooling systems. Albert was strictly
against of learning facts and dates rather he believed learning ideas. Students
memorised things like ‘parrots’ which disturbed him a lot. The schooling
systems insist more on getting a diploma rather than learning something.
Albert, who was such a talented person, was punished by the history teacher
almost regularly. Instances like these creates hatred among the students.
Moreover, they never try to discover the talents of the students.

    3.    How
do you distinguish between information gathering and insight formation?
Ans. information
gathering and insight information are different from each other. Facts include
dates and learning this is simply pointless. One can easily find them in books.
Nowadays, students memorise things like ‘parrots’ without understanding
them. This doesn’t help them in any way. They may get a diploma but the learning
doesn’t happen this way. What matters is ideas rather than facts. The students
must learn things by understanding and then analysing them.