A. Read the passages carefully and answer the questions.
a) But you had no right to do so without asking me”
1) Who is the speaker?
2) What did the listener do?
3) What answer did the listener give?
b) Ah! How nice and warm it is in here it is worth going out in the cold
for the sake of the comfort of coming in.”
1) Explain the lines.
2) Who are the listeners?
3) Where did the speaker go?
c) “You are like a child I can’t trust you out of my sight.”
1) Who is the child here?
2) Why can’t the speaker trust the other?
3) Name the lady who is linked to the line except for the speaker and her maid.
d) “Yes or meat off the floor”
1) Who is the speaker?
2) Why does the speaker say so?
3) After this line about whom does the speaker talk?
e) “The knife-oh, well you see dear, perhaps he may have thought that I-I had
sold ours.”
1) Who is the speaker?
2) Explain the line.
3) Who is he here?
f) “you are right Persome: It was my fault. I led him into temptation”
1) Name the speaker?
2) What temptation does the speaker mean?
3) What did Persome suggest?
B) Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each.
1) “The bishop’s Candlesticks” is a Christian drama.
2) Compare and contrast the characters of the Bishop
and her sister.
3) Describe the life of the convict in the prison ship.
4) Establish “The Bishop’s candlesticks” as a didactic
5) Elucidate how the convict turns into a person near to
6) How did the Bishop save the convict?