Choose the correct alternatives

1. She must abide by the rules of the
Here ‘abide by’ means –

a)  to rebel
b)  to refute
c)  to be faithful
d)  to be decent

2.Her talks with the authority had not
been above board.

Here ‘above
board ‘ is —
a) Above a
b) Negative
c) polite behavior
d) honest

3. All and sundry appeared in that
programme .
Here’ all and sundry’ means –

a)  less people
b)  people with exception
c)  everyone with no exception
d)  none

4. Your existence  in the party is at stake .
Here ‘at stake’ is

a)  great
b)  average
c)  danger
d)  success

5. The hospital is just at a stone’s
throw .
Here ‘at stone’s throw ‘ is used as —

a) very fa
b)  very near
c)  average distance
d)  none

6.  She remembers everything at the eleventh hour .
‘at the eleventh hour ‘ means –

a) at the
last moment
b ) at the
right time
c) at the
inappropriate time
d) at the
unworkable time

7. He is the ‘all in all’ in the team.
Here ‘all in all’ means

 a) everyone
b)  the most important
c)  everything
d)  the most common

8. The ‘bad blood’ between the teams is
the discussion.
Here ‘bad blood’ means –

a)  poisoned blood
b)  ill feeling
c)  blood shed
d)  bad behavior

9.  In the course of time, he has learnt how to ‘bear
with .
Here ‘bear with’ means –

a) to carry
b) to be
c) to learn
with positivity
d) maturity

10. The man is a bee in his bonnet for cricket.
Here ‘bee in his bonnet’ means

a)  colorful bees
b)  inefficient
c)  hatred
d)  craziness
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