8.  A. Choose the
most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the following
passage. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
(½ x8=4 Marks)

stout old lady was waking _________________1) her basket down the middle
___________________2) a street in Petrograd to the great confusion
_______________3) the traffic and with no peril ________________________4)
herself. It was pointed out ______________________5) her that the pavement was
the place __________________6) pedestrians. But she replied. ‘I am going
___________________________7) walk where I like ________________8) walk
1.   i)
to         ii) for            iii) with               iv)
2.   i)
of         ii) on              iii) beside             iv) for
3.   i)
for        ii) of             iii) in                 iv)
4,   i)
to         ii) for            iii) upon               iv)
5,   i)
over       ii) for          iii) with               iv)
6.   i)
to         ii) in             iii) for                iv)
7.   i)
for        ii) to             iii) with               iv)
8.   i)
to         ii) for            iii) on                 iv)

B.   Read the following
paragraph and complete it with the suitable option given below.

During the 4th and 5th
centuries India __________________________(1) by the  Guptas. A deep and wide cultural impact ______________________________(2)
by the Guptas in the subcontinent. The infiltration of Sakas and Hunas
____________________________(3) by the Gupta Rulers. During Gupta Rule many
books ________________________(4)

1.   i)
were ruled      ii) had been ruled iii) is ruled      iv)
was ruled
2.   i)
is left         ii) has been left iii) was left      iv)
are left
3)   i)
is checked ii) was checked    iii) were checked iv) had been checked  
4.   i)
have been composed ii) is composed  iii)
had composed  iv) were composed

A. Edit the following
passage .
word    correct word
One of the bad habit is                                                          _________       ___________
the use of tobacco. It is now smoke                                      __________      ___________
by men, women and child almost                                          __________      ___________
all over the world. It is brought                                            __________       __________
Into Europe with Sir Walter                                                  __________       __________
Raleigh four century ago                                                        _________        __________             
It have spread every where                                                      _________        __________
And was an addiction now                                                     __________       ___________

B. Rearrange the following
words to make a meaningful sentence.

1)   the
patient / says / the corner / has / the doctor / turned .
2)   they
eat / one / a day / as a rule / but / square meal
3)   in
a state / man / nature / was found / the murdered
4)   nose
/ my affairs / thrust / into / your /do not

C. Read the dialogue and
complete the sentences that follow.

Sankar – I think everything in this
world is run in perfect balance.
Aman – I do agree, our earth with
its favourable weather is perfect for us.
Sankar – Take the example of our
habit of eating. We cannot go on eating throughout the day. 
We must have a balance.
Aman – yes, we need to balance
while driving as it is the key to humans.

Ø  Now fill in the blanks
with the proper words with relevance to the text.

Sankar  said that he thought …………….(a)
Aman replied in agreement and said
that ……………………(b)
Sankar further said that

A man answered in positive and said
that …………………………………..(d)