Class – VII – CBSE – ENGLISH Mystery of Talking Fan

     The poet acquaints us  with a fan which talks a lot. He means that
the fan makes spontaneous sound on motion. The poet tried to hear and
and what the fan says, but he fails to understand. One day suddenly the
fan stopped making sound because someone had oiled the whirling motor and the
fan turned into as silent as water.

1. Fans don’t talk, but it is possible to imagine that they do.
What is it, then, that sounds like the fan’s chatter?

Ans:- Apparently, the poet imagined
the noise of the fan to be the chatter of the fan. When a fan moves a sound is
sometimes created in the whirling motors .When we do not oil a fan’s motor
properly, it does make such sounds. This very sound assumed as chatter of the

2. Complete the following sentences

i)      The chatter is electrical because –
      Ans:- The fan moves
on electrical power which moves the motor and the whole fan.

ii)    It is mysterious because –
Ans:- The poet was unable to
understand  what the fan spoke as it made
chatter in its whirling motor.

3. What do you think the talking fan was demanding?

Ans:- The chatter that the fan made shows the very absence of
oiling in it. As the motor of the fan did not have oil, it made noise. So, the
thing the fan demanded was oiling. 

Q.4. How
does an electric fan manage to throw so much air when it is switched on?

Ans:- An electric fan is made up with three or four long metal
blades and a motor. When the fan is given power it activates the motor. The
motor starts whirling and in consequence it starts the blades. The blades force
air down wards in all directions.

Q. 5. Is
there a ‘talking fan’ in your house? Create a dialogue between the fan and a

Ans. Mechanic:-
Hello Mr. Fan. What is the trouble with you?

Talking Fan:- People say that I am chattering
a lot.

Mechanic :- That is true .Why do you

Talking fan:- I am not responsible for that . No
one takes care of my parts. I am in a wretched situation.

Mechanic :– Oh! I see. Do not worry I am here
to solve everybody’s     trouble.

Talking Fan:- oh! Really? Please do something.

Mechanic – Here I have given oil. Now see.
How are feeling?

Talking Fan:- wow! It is so smooth and the
sound disappeared.

Mechanic :- Never get worried. Just
remember me if you are having any trouble. Bye!

Talking Fan :- Bye!!