1.   Why
did Tilly come to Thailand?
It was sacred Christmas holiday that the smith family cherished to enjoy in
Thailand. Tilly’s parents and Tilly herself had come to Thailand to consecrate
the occasion.
2. What were the warning signs that both
Tilly and her mother saw?
To celebrate Christmas, when the smith family was in the beach of Thailand,
Tilly noticed something unusual about the sea. Both Tilly and her mother
noticed the sea to rise and swell up , make bubble and form whir pools which
made them feel about the forth coming peril.
3.   Do
you think Tilly’s mother was alarmed by them?
Tilly’s mother could not understand what was happening. She had no idea about
Tsunami and its danger. She went serious when she found her daughter getting
hysterical and talking about a forth coming danger.
4.   Where
had Tilly seen the sea behaving in the same strange fashion?
     Tilly and her classmates were shown a
video of Tsunami in their Geography class. Tilly found the same strange
characteristics of the sea as they had been shown in the video hitting the
Hawaiian Islands on April, a 1946 killing 159 people.
5.   Where
did the smith family and others go to escape from the Tsunami?
When the smith family and others came to the hotel pool, they visualized the
impending danger. To save themselves from the perilous Tsunami waves, they took
refuge on the third floor of a hotel.
6.   How
do you think her Geography teacher felt when he heard about what Tilly had done
in phuket?
The teacher of Tilly smith must have been proud and hilarious for Tilly made
the practical use of that Geography lesson that she had been taught in the last
1.      In the
Tsunami 150,000 people died. How many animals died?
     In contrary to huge human casually,
in the Tsunami of 2004 , not many animals were found to be dead.
     It is believed by the people that animals
have sixth sense which saved them from Tsunami.
2.   How
many people and animals died in Yala National park?
Ans Surprisingly very few animals died in the Tsunami. Sixty visitors were washed away
from the Patanangala beach inside the park; but no animal carcasses were found,
except for two water buffaloes.
What do people say about the
elephants of Yala National Park?
Answer- People
at Yala National Park were surprised to see strange behavior of the elephants
.They found the elephants running away from the beach before an hour of Tsunami
What did the dogs in Galle
Answer-A Sri Lankan gentleman who lives on the coast
near Galle said his two dogs would not go for their daily run on the beach.
“They are usually excited to go on this outing,” he said. But on that day they
refused to go, and most probably saved his life.
1.   When
he felt the earthquake, do you think Ignesious immediately got worried about a
Tsunami? Give reasons for your answer. Which sentence in the text tells you
that t he Ignesious family did not have any time to discuss and plan their
course of action after the Tsunami struck?
No, Ignesious had no iota doubt about a Tsunami coming . He considered it to be
just an earthquake. We are cleared about this when we find Ignesious during the
tremors were in anxiety about the television set. The sentences which shows
that Ignesious’s family had no time to discuss or plan is – “ In the chaos and
confusion, two of his children caught hold of the hands of their mother’s
father and mother’s brother, and rushed in the opposite direction.
Q.3. How
are Meghna and Almas’s stories similar?
The stories of Meghna and Almas are very similar
Meghna and Almas’s families were washed away .
lost their family members.
floated in the sea. Meghna floated for two days holding a wooden door. Whereas
Almas held a log of wood before fainting.
of them were shocked to the utmost and considered the incident to be a black
Q.4. What
are the diff ways in which Tilly’s parents could have reacted to her behavior?
What would you have done if you were in their place?
Parents of Tilly could have ignored the opinion of Tilly. And they could have
stayed on the beach, and as a consequence would have witnessed the end of their
lives. If I were in the place of Tilly’s parents, I would have listened to her
words seriously and would try to realize the impending danger. And this would
keep me aloof of the deadly waves saving my life.
Q.5. If Tilly’s award was to be shared. Who
do you think she should share it with – her parents or her Geography teacher?
There is no denying that Tilly should share it with her Geography teacher who
made her aware with her realistic way of teaching .Because of that video and
Geography lesson, she was able to understand the impending danger and thus
saved many lives.
Q.6. What are the two diff ideas about why
so few animals were killed in the Tsunami? Which idea do you find more
One group of people believed that animals are enriched which the power of sixth
sense of earthquake or any impending danger. Another group has the view that
animals have got more acute hearing ability and feeling ability which help them
to understand the earth’s vibration and the forth coming danger.
     I would go for the second groupfor the
second view has got scientific logic.