Name – Norman  Mckinnel
Born – 10 February 1870
Death – 29 March 1932
He was Scottish Stage and
film actor and playwright.
Notable writing-
1)      King John
2)      The Outsider.
3)      Downhill


            There is no iota of doubt that “Bishop’s Candlesticks”
unfolds inherent characteristics of Christianity. A bishop unfolds what it
really means to be a Bishop. Compassion, love, being benevolent etc. are the
key facets which are skillfully woven by the author. Kindness to all irrespective
of class, creed and status is what goes as the bottom line. The convict wrapped
in devilish thoughts and a true atheist turns into a true believer of


Page – 130

6.         Answer the following
questions briefly.

            a) Do you think the
Bishop was right in selling the salt sellers? Why/why not?

Ans.     Aptly Bishop was right in selling the salt sellers. Being
benevolent is the true nature of a bishop. Indeed, the Bishop acted as a true
helper to Mere Gringoire in spite of Persome’s ill feeling towards her. “Service
to people is service to god” has been justified when mere Grengoire, who had
been in dire need of money, was helped by the Bishop. He sold the silver salt
sellers to help Mere Gringoire.

Q.        b) Why does Persome
feel the people pretend to sick?

Ans:-    Persome is pole asunder to her brother in
characteristics. She never approved her brother’s habit of being
philanthropist. She even had a notion that people exploit her brother as a
Bishop. They misuse the bishop’s simplicity, innocence and honesty. People are
of the habit to call the bishop unnecessarily pretending to be sick. They never
think about the troubles of Bishop.

            C )
Who was Jeanette? What was the cause of her death?

Ans:     Jeanette was the better half of the convict. Once, the convict
and his family suffered from acute starvation. There had not been any work for
the people. As a result the wife of the convict fell ill. Compelled by the
situation, the convict had no other option but to steal. He was caught and put
in the jail. And his wife died due to sickness caused by starvation.

            d) The
convict says,.”I am too old a bird to be caught with chaff” What does he mean
by this statement?

Ans:     The convict has gone through a vexatious period where he
confronted only brutal treatment, merciless torture and no love and faith. When
the bishop told him that he would go inside to bring the keys to give him food,
he considered this to be a trick to get him caught and be arrested. He warned
the bishop not to leave, as he conceded this to be a trick to get him caught.

            e) Why
was the convict sent to prison? What was the punishment given to him?

Ans:     In a dire state of starvation the convict and his family had been
suffering. When his wife fell seriously ill, the convict could not keep his
head and stole food to save his wife. As a consequence he was caught and
brought before the court of law.

            The authority did not concur with his feelings and
reasoning and convicted him for stealing. The authority punished him for ten
years. He was ordered to stay as a prisoner in a prison hulks.

            f) Do
you think the punishment given to the convict was justified? Why/why not?

Ans:     Considering the moral ground, the convict should have not been
punished. Though there is no denying that every criminal must be punished in
the court of law, the convict cannot be called as a criminal in true sense. The
adverse condition the convict had been suffering from, constrained him to steal
food to save his wife. He must have been pardoned considering the situation of
his stealing food.

Before leaving, the convict asks the Bishop to bless him, what brought about
this change in him?

Ans:     Indeed, the drama adduces a transformation of an atheist into a
theist. The convict at the beginning proclaimed his hatred and strong dislike
towards church and preaching. But, the Bishop, with simple messages like,
kindness, sympathy, love soothed his sore heart and brought back human
sensibilities in him. At the end the Bishop showed the highest level of mercy
and compassion and made him feel the power of love and mercy. His journey to Paris
was a new beginning to him. To walk on the new path for a better life, he
thought blessing from the Bishop would do him good.