A)        Read the given extract and answer
the questions that follow
1)         “On the day of Sicilian July, with Etna
            The voice of my Education said tome                                             (3)
            He must be killed …………………….”
                        a) What is “Etna smoking”?
                        b) What do you under stand by voice of
                        c) Name the poet of the extract.
2)         “And a good south wind sprung up behind
            The Albatross did follow,”                                                                (3)
                        1) Which direction are they moving?
                        2) What is the rhyme – scheme of the stanza?
                        3) What do you understand by ‘vespers nine?
3)         “Water, water every where,
            And all the boards did shrink;                                                          (3)
            Water, water, every where
            Nor any drop to drink.
                        1) Mention one poetic device used in the above
quoted lines.
                        2) What is the irony here? (In short)
                        3) State the role of sun here.
4)         “Look upon my works, ye mighty and
            Nothing beside remains. Round the decay.”                                              (3)
                        1) In which part do the lines appear – octave
or sestet?
                        2) What do you under stand by ‘despair’?
                        3) What does the word, ‘beside’ mean?
B)         Answer the following questions in
about 30 to 40 words each.
1)         Do you consider the mariners to be
fickle minded? Give reasons.                                  (3)
2)         How do you evaluate the sculptor?                        (3)
3)         “And I have something to expiate.
            A pettiness. “ – Explain                     (3)
4)         How would you explain the ‘death fines’
in “Rime of the Ancient mariner”?    (3)
5)         What is the central theme of the poem
“Ozymandias”?               (3)

6)         Comment on the duality of mind of the
poet as you find in the poem snake. (3)