The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (part –II) CBSE-CLASS-X-ENGLISH TEXTBOOK SOLUTIONS

11. a) In which direction did the ship start moving?
How can you say?
Answer-The ship was moving
from South to North.
            This can be affirmed when we are acquainted by the poet
that sun rose from the right and went down left into the sea. This is possible
only when somebody moves from south to north.
b) Why does the mariner say that no sweet bird did follow?
Answer-As the mariner killed
the albatross bird there were no other bird following the ship or the mariners.
The albatross is defined to be a bird with difference only which followed the
ship and the mariner and others not.
c) How did the other mariners behave towards the Ancient Mariner at
first? How many times did they change their mind about the ancient Mariner?
What does this tell us about their character?
Answer-i) At first the other
mariners considered the mariner to be the culprit and criminal as he killed the
albatross which was bringing the breeze to move the ship.
            ii) The mariner did change twice of their opinion
            iii) As the mariners are whimsical, they had brought
forth changes in their opinion for several times this shows that they are mere
the puppets of situation and consequences. They  did not have their own opinion and tend to be superstitious.

d) How did the sailing conditions change after the ship had moved out
of the land of mist and snow? What or who did the mariners blame for this
Answer-After the mariners
moved from the land of mist and snow, they started to feel a change in the
weather condition. Slowly the sun started to shine and the breeze stopped to
blow leaving the ship in a motionless state. They were suffering from utter
dearth of water and positivity. They had all supernatural happenings after they
had a change in weather.
            All other mariners who are rather capricious blamed the
mariner to be, responsible for all the happenings.

e) What indicated by the line “The bloody sun at noon/right up above
the mast did stand/no bigger than the moo?
Answer-The line strongly
affirms that the ship and the mariners had been near the equator. The blood
like red sun was above the mast at noon. The poet states Moon to be bigger than
the Sun forcing on the scientific logic of far and near vision. The line
strongly hints at their arrival at the extreme weather situation.
f) How does the mariner describe the fact that they were completely
motionless in the middle of the sea?
Answer-A vivid delineation is
made by the writer to make us understand about the motionless and silent state
of the ship and the sea. He compares the motionless state with a painting where
,as if the ship has been painted on a painted sea.

g) What is the irony in the ninth stanza? Explain it.
Answer-A stupendous example
of irony we got to behold where the poet conveyed that under extreme weather
situation the mariners did not have a single drop of water to drink in spite of
the fact that unfathomable amount of water they had everywhere. The irony of
the lacuna of water is the most befitting one.
h) What is the narrator trying to convey  through the description of the situation in
the tenth and the eleventh stanza?
Answer-The poet conveyed an
atmosphere which required a rational mind to grasp because of the rotten state of
the underwater vegetation, there had been slimy creatures moving on the surface
of water. Either the  element of phosphorous
in the physic of the creatures gave birth to different types of glowing lights
or the creation of the methane gas coming in contact with the oxygen gave birth
to glowing light. The superstitious mariners considered this to be the effect
of the spirit of the albatross. This atmosphere added to the effect of blaming
on the mariner for killing the albatross.

i) What or who did the mariners feel was responsible for their suffering?
Answers-The capricious
mariners devoid of rational thinking and scientific knowledge blamed the
mariner to be responsible for all the misfortunes.

j) Describe the condition of the mariners as expressed in the 13th
Answer-Apart from the fear
of the curse of the spirit, the dire some thirsty situation is delineated in
the 13th Stanza. Their tongue in the mouth got dried up at the root
and the throat was so dry as if that was chocked with soot. All the mariners
had been at the verge of death due to dehydration.
k) Why did the mariners hang the albatross around the neck of the
ancient mariner?
Answer-Having suffered series
of misfortunes all the mariners came to the conclusion that the other mariner
was solely responsible for this. As a form of punishment and insult they had
hung the dead albatross around the mariners neck instead of the cross of the

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