Keeping It From Harold Textbook Solutions and Answers Class-Ix –Cbse-English

1. What was the
strange about the manner in which Mrs. Bramble addressed her son? What did he
feel about it?
Answer-A fast matured,
prompt at learning, Harold assumed himself to be a grown up. His rational and
delicate sensibilities compelled him to think himself not to be a baby. When
his mother reacted to the question of her son ‘dearie’ and referred to herself
in the third person, Harold got irritated.
2. Why was it
necessary to keep Harold’s father’s profession a secret from him?
Answer -In the post infancy
period his parents noticed supernormal positivity. His father’s profession would
give birth to some anxieties and inferiority complex in Harold. Considering the
child’s mental, intellectual and psychological good health, they had put boxing
to be a matter of shun. Boxing being a matter of low dignity and disgrace to
their offspring, they had come into conclusion to keep Mr. Bramble’s profession
a secret from Harold.

3. When Mr.
Bramble came to know that he was to become a father what were some of the names
he decided upon? Why?
Answer -A true reflection of
fatherly desire is unfolded when we find Mr. Bramble to be in the world of
proximity and imagination for naming his child. He had a desire to name his
child John, if a boy, after John Sullivan, or if a girl, Marie, after Mrs.
Marie Loyd. His fanatic attachment towards sports activities had put him
automatically in the idea of naming his child after the sport person.
4. Describe Mr.
Bramble as he has been described in the story.
Answer -A man of delicate
sensibility, Mr. Bramble was paradoxically aesthetic to his profession. Short,
sturdy, red headed Mr. Bramble was a person with usual boxer’s broken nose. He
was a well known person of eight stone four again for respectability and
sobriety. A careful and worried father’s heart we get to behold in him.
5. Why was Mrs.
Bramble upset when she came to hear that bill had decided not to fight?
Answer -Boxing, being a
profession of low dignity, Mrs. Bramble had to bear with it on one ground i.e.
the economical comfort. There is no iota of doubt that boxing had been a
positive source to materialize their much cherished aspirations of future.
There will be a full stop in the plannings and better beginnings if Mr. Bramble
hops from the fight of the national. And the question of 500 pounds or 120
pounds made Mrs. Bramble’s heart of sore.

6. Who was jerry
fisher? What did he say to try and convince bill top change his mind?
Answer -Jerry fisher was a
catalytic agent of removing the misconceptions. Besides, in the story we found
him to be a hot tempered boxing trainer of Mr. Bramble. Mr. Jerry fisher tried
to convince Mr. Bramble that he had made a wrong decision. He should be on the
ultimate path of fighting  which will
bring money, name and fame for him avoiding Major Percy stoke’s wicked efforts.
7. How did Harold
come to know that his father was a boxer?
Answer -Harold got a bolt
from the blue when the very secret fact of his father’s profession got unfolded
by jerry fisher. Jerry fisher under the influence of revenge took this weak nerve
of Mr. Bramble at the foremost. When he got to know that Mr. Bramble was not
fighting only for the sake of Harold, he exposed the very truth to Harold . But
that was a revenge turning into boon for the Bramble family.

8. Why was Harold
upset that his father had not told him about his true identity? Give two
Answer-Harold was totally in
the state of morose when he got to know that ‘young porky’ was none other than
his own father. He was upset because –
i) His fellow mates would
have imparted honour and importance if they had known ‘young porky ‘to be his
ii) If his companions knew
that Harold’s father was the famous boxer ‘young porky’ then they would have
put a full stop in calling him ‘Goggles’.

9. Do you agree
with Harold’s parents’ decision of hiding from him the fact that his father was
a boxer? Why/why not?
Answer-No. I don’t agree
with the view point of Harold’s parents. A famous sports person is surely no
mean a profession. An extraordinary skillful physical activity is no less than
the intellectual activity. A boy at a young age should be brought up with a
moral view of accepting and considering every work to be a work of dignity. So
they should not have kept it from Harold. 

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