Answer the following questions in short.

Q1) Is he afraid or curious, or both? 

Ans1) He is in a state of duality. He is afraid and at the same time he is curious too. We can conclude saying that the narrator is curious as he at last decides to venture inside in near future. He wants to go inside the shed although he was told about a ghost in it by his brother. His rational mind overpasses the baseless fear and comprehends that the story of the ghost is his brother’s creation and false.

Q2) What is he planning to do soon?

Ans2) Powered by the rational mind that there is no ghost inside and everything is just the shallow creation of his brother to keep him away from the shed He planned to go inside the shed one day. This decision shows one of the tenets of a growing fearless prudent mind set up of the narrator.

3.) What is the central idea of the poem?

Ans- The poem is a vehement supporter rational and fearless mind .One should not believe in baseless talks like ghost and other supernatural matters .The young grown up youths do not fear what they can not rationalize.Through the character of the narrator and his brother this has been established..  

Q4) why the door creaks in the wind?

Ans4) The shed is out of use for long .The passing weathers have taken a toll on everything in it .The doors of the shed are not in motion and devoid of the presence of the humans .The door of the shed creaks in the wind because it is old and rusty.

Q5) What did the poet’s brother say in order to keep him away from the shed?

Ans5) The brother of the poet made an assay to keep him away from the shed. The poet’s brother tried to frighten him saying that there is a ghost in the shed who is hiding under the rotten floorboards. If he dared set foot inside, ghost would jump out and chop off his head. He wanted to terrorize the narrator so that he would not dream of going in.

Q6) Why do you think the poet is the firm to peek in the shed one day?

Ans6) Curiosity gets the better of one’s scrupples.Indeed, the rational growing up kids never cease to take adventure. The poet wants to peek in the shed one day because he is a brave boy and knows that there is no such thing like a ghost. He realizes that ghost is just the creation of brother and fearful minds and he dared challenge it.

Q7) Why did the brother tell a lie about a ghost in the shed, to the poet?

Ans7) The elder brother of the narrator wanted to possess the shed and did not want his brother to access it and share. The poet’s brother told a lie about a ghost in the shed to the poet because he wanted to make the shed his den. He thought the innocuous mind of the narrator will be terrified by the name of ghost.


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