Notice Writing For Class 9,10,11,12 English CBSE

CBSE has  brought some changes in the writing skill for class ix English .Pupils appearing for ix Summatives will face a combined writing and grammar section containing 25  marks (writing 15 marks and grammar 10 marks ).This post is to give the pupils a clear conception about how to score the best in NOTICE WRITING .

CBSE Specifications About Notice 

Marks- 4 

Word Limit 80 -100

*A notice is written to  inform or to acquaint  people or pupils (in a school) about an event or happening. 

*It is not to have fancy talks but to work on the point desired .

* Always  ensure complete information that the notice must impart.


Important points for notice Writing

To the point

A good notice must be  to the point without straying away from the purpose and maintaining  the word limit 80- 100 words


Notice is not to exhibit literary knowledge.It should be formal lucid and a simple one meeting its purpose .

Points to be put

1.    Name of the issuing authority (school, club ,any other organisation etc.)
2.   Date of the notice served
3.   subject  matter
     Date/time/duration/ Place/Venue
6.    Authorized signatory: Name and signature
1.    Do not cross the word-limit .
2.    Always enclose the notice in a box.
     Make the box  lines with a sharp pencil . Never draw the line towards the bottom until and unless you’re done with the content.
     Sample beginning lines-
     1.All the pupils of xyz (name of the school ) are hereby informed that….
     2. All the learners of xyz (name of the school) are advised to take note to the fact that …….
     3. All the students of xyz ( name of the school) are notified that….
XYZ SCHOOL ( Name of the school)
month , date ,year





Distribution of marks

As per CBSE
Format – 1 Marks

Content – 3 Marks

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